Tyson Fury's wife Paris shows off growing baby bump as she nears summer due date for sixth child

TYSON FURY's wife Paris is feeling blue-tiful as she gets ready to give birth to their sixth child.

The couple announced earlier this year that they are expecting a new addition to the family this summer.

And in March, they revealed they'll be having a third baby girl, with Venezuela and Valencia ready to welcome another little sister to the family.

Paris, 31, is feeling herself, proudly showing off her baby bump in a baby blue shirt on Instagram.

The smiling star captioned the image: "Feeling confident and ‘blue-tiful’."

Family man Tyson, 32, is set to face Deontay Wilder for a third time on July 24.

But nothing will mean more to the proud dad this summer than welcoming another baby girl into the family.

Earlier this year, he told Gareth A Davies: "Paris is pregnant again and the Lord has blessed us definitely with another child and I'm very thankful.

"Got a beautiful wife, beautiful kids, they're all healthy. That's the most important thing, you know, your health and your family.

"Nothing else really matters.


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"Your job, your money, your wealth, your career, none of that really matters because you can get another job, you can start snooker or you can go make more money.

"It doesn't really matter but the one thing you can't get back is your family.

"You can't get back time lost and that's the crazy thing about it all."

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