Twitter Might Start Letting Users Delete Tweets and Remove Followers

Many of us have written a tweet once in our life that we wish didn’t exist, and now Twitter is looking into helping out its users with an updated range of social privacy updates.

The new privacy settings offer more control over your Twitter account and who gets to interact with it, and also how they interact with it too. This is much more than just setting your profile to private, as the new tools will allow users to edit your follower list, as opposed to the tactic that Twitter employees have noticed happening that involves blocking and unblocking people to remove them.

Additionally, the new features will include an “Archive Tweet” function that will hide your tweets after or from a certain period. According to Bloomberg, posts may be hidden after “30, 60, and 90 days, or hiding tweets after a full year.” Hiding tweets that you’ve liked is another feature, as is removing yourself from a public conversation.

As of writing, many of these features are still in the testing and concept phases, but the follower removing tool will be tested out this month.

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