Tonight’s Full Moon Is the First in a *Supermoon Trilogy*

Tonight, you’ll see a Supermoon shining in the night sky—but what is a Supermoon, exactly? It sounds kinda like a powerful and ~mystical~ superhero. Well, a Supermoon happens when a Full Moon approaches its nearest orbit to Earth, making it seem larger and brighter than usual. Beginning today, we’ll see a trilogy of consecutive Supermoons, on March 9th, April 8th, and May 7th, 2020.

In astrology, a Full Moon prompts you to let go of what is no longer serving you, and a Supermoon intensifies that energy. Take advantage of this Moon’s power to leave any toxic patterns, situations, or even people in the past. Have you been stuck in a dead-end job with no promotion in sight? Are you in a situationship that’s continued far past its expiration date? Is there anything holding you back from being who you want to be? Leave all that ughh behind you. A little magic and a lot of intention-setting can go a long way.

Humanity has been working with the energy of the Moon pretty much forever. It just helps things click into place a little more easily. Use this Supermoon to schedule a peaceful moment to yourself. That’s right, no Moon parties, unless it’s a party for one. Spend the night in, light some candles, and turn your home into a place to just chilllll. Try a meditation in the bath or shower, and picture what you want to let go of being washed away down the drain with all the dirty water.

Tonight, focus on the changes you want to put into action, and amplify your intentions with the power of the Supermoon. As soon as you recognize what you need to let go of, you gain clarity in that aspect of your life. When you choose to release what’s no longer serving you, you create space for something new.

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