TK Maxx is selling posh skincare you’d normally pick up in Harrods but it’s scanning for 90% off at the till | The Sun

SHOPPERS are racing to pick up luxury skincare products slashed by over 90% at TK Maxx. 

La Vallée Switzerland is an uber posh skincare brand that uses minerals and plant resources from its namesake county's glaciers. 

You can typically only buy La Vallée at Harrods, the luxury department store in London’s affluent Knightsbridge. 

Now, its products – most of which are designed with anti-ageing in mind – have found their way to TK Maxx’s shelves.

And they’re a fraction of the price. 

A Lightening Elixir serum which originally costs £240 is £18 at the off-price retailer and a Preventive Night Mask that helps reverse wrinkles while you sleep is also £18, down from £200.

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Those are discounts of 93% and 91% respectively.

La Vallée’s Anti-Pollution Elixir serum, which “helps skin recover its freshness and youth”, is selling for £32.99 rather than £260 – a whopping 87% markdown. 

Its Precious Lift & Repair Serum is 86% cheaper at £34.99, as is its Lightening Line Lightening Radiance Serum at £27.99.  

“Where pure glacier water pours from the top of pristine peaks, flowing around steep rocks to nourish the most precious, beneficial plants of the Alpine ecosystem, La Vallée grows its science,” La Vallée bosses said.

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“In the heart of the Swiss Alps, in the midst of abundant, powerful, generous nature, La Vallée draws vital regenerative power directly from mineral and plant resources.

“Since ‘nature does nothing in vain’, as the philosopher Aristotle wrote in 300 BC, La Vallée finds inspiration in the genius of nature, observing it and enhancing it.”

TK Maxx is also flogging some posh beauty tools to help fight signs of ageing.

Among these is the Eclat Skin Multicoloured LED Light Therapy for £24.99 instead of £129, and its Neck & Jawline Definer LED Anti Ageing System for £19.99 instead of £119. 

Red light therapy is a popular treatment among celebs to delay and reverse the signs of ageing. 

LED lights or lasers are used to expose the body to red light, the longest wavelength of visible light on the visible light spectrum. 

Research has found that just five minutes of exposure can increase the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a compound that stores and provides energy to your cells. 

It is this increase in cellular energy that helps fight wrinkles and visible signs of ageing as it repairs skin damage and promotes wound healing. 

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