The Story Behind Drew Barrymore’s "Flower Berry" Brand

It is said that Drew Barrymore got inspired to start her beauty brand with the encouragement of her spouse, who is also an art consultant.

Whatever the reason, there is an epic story behind how Flower beauty got started and was built into a successful brand. Drew Barrymore tasted fame as a child actress in the movie E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. Later she made a fantastic Hollywood career that won numerous awards and accolades like a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild, and even a BAFTA nomination. But Barrymore is an all-rounder; she has acted in films and hosted talk shows like The Drew Barrymore Show, and she is also the owner of a production company Flower Films.

One of the most commendable achievements of Drew Barrymore is building her beauty brand by the name of Flower Beauty. The brand has a diverse portfolio of cosmetics, from lipsticks to eye shadows to nail polishes and mascaras. The prices of these products range from $5 to $14.

Here’s how Drew Barrymore built her brand and turned it into a million-dollar success.

The Birth Of Flower Beauty

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The whole thing originally began as an initiative in 2013 to launch a range of cosmetics under the banner of Flower. About 181 products of Flower were initially launched to be sold exclusively at Walmart Stores. After being the co-creative director of CoverGirl for about five years, Barrymore finally decided to start something which her daughter Olive might take over when she grows up.

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The idea was to launch something that would cater to women’s needs without paying too much. As Drew observes, she was a lucky one because she had access to almost any shade of lipstick, and in most cases, it was for free. That was a perk of being in the entertainment industry, but not every woman has that privilege.

Drew became aware of how expensive cosmetic products were when she had to purchase anything on forgetting to pack a particular shade of lip color. On top of it, she had the pressure to look her best most of the time and stay ready for surprise attacks from the paparazzi. The primary target while starting Flower was to fulfill every woman’s wish to look beautiful without having to think of money.

How Flower Beauty Became Successful

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Drew Barrymore doesn’t shy away from the question whenever asked what this beauty brand means to her. She treats it like a child whom she has nurtured with the support and care of her partner. Her business partner is Walmart, and Drew also showers deserved credits on the Walmart executive.

Carmen Bauza, Walmart’s vice president of beauty and personal care, also talks about how this is one of their best deals. Walmart did not just want to do business with any celebrity brand; they wanted something long-lasting, unique, and irreplaceable. Walmart customers have always related to Flower’s beauty ideals, which is what has made the company successful.

Flower might be a beauty brand, but its insanely reasonable prices are exciting for the customers. What draws them even more towards this brand is its supreme and uncompromising quality. Altogether it is the most desirable combination of high quality and affordable rates.

An Array Of Unique And Smart Business Strategies

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Barrymore and her team have been wise in business tactics, and after years of Flower’s success, one can say it is working for them. One of the unique strategies used is the kind of packaging and the number of contents in a Flower Beauty product package. For instance, a common eye shadow package would typically have a plastic container with a hinge. A Flower eye shadow comes with separate gilded spaces for each shade. A rose gold base ring and a unique-looking id with an embezzled logo clasp.

Such attractive and durable packaging is bound to win the hearts of buyers, on top of which is the equation of reasonable prices. All of the credit goes to Barrymore and the business firm Maesa Group, the co-owner of Flower. With such mindful creativity and care, they have collectively launched their business in 1,509 Wal-Mart stores.

Another consumer expectation that Flower Beauty products so adeptly caters to is the need for buying fresh items. Barrymore is pretty aware that fashion is so exciting because there is always the scope to improvise and create new things. As Barrymore explained to Business Insider, this is why Flower started with 181 products but has added about 30 to 50 new products every year since its inception.

Expanding The Business And Empowering Women

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Drew Barrymore considers her coveted position at CoverGirl as co-creative director as a stepping stone to creating something through which she could directly serve society. It provided her with all the information and education she required to launch a business in the niche of beauty. Plus, she had her own experience to rely upon.

As a social influencer and a beloved Hollywood actress, Drew felt the responsibility to empower other women. She could encourage them to be the best or prettiest versions of themselves instead of being insecure and trying to be someone else. By 2017, Flower was ready to go online and become an eCommerce store. Barrymore also expanded this beauty cosmetics business to Mexico.

Even before Flower Beauty came into being, Barrymore was famous for her production company of the same name. It only seems smart that she used the same name for her business venture. Moreover, Flower exudes the quality of freshness and liveliness that the company has always aspired for. Drew Barrymore has a massive net worth of about $125 million, and her business skills have contributed considerably to that figure.

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