Teen Born in Starbucks 18 Years Ago Reunites with Barista Who Helped His Mom Give Birth

A former Starbucks supervisor who helped to deliver a baby nearly two decades ago reunited with the boy, now 18, at the Illinois cafe where they first met.

According to The Record North Shore, Griffin Baron was working at a Wilmette Starbucks in 2002 when he heard a woman's screams coming from the bathroom. A customer who checked on the situation then told Baron to call emergency services, because the woman, Lisabeth Rohlck, was having a baby.

"I heard high-pitched screams coming through the wall and thought someone had locked themselves in the bathroom," Baron recalled to the outlet.

Baron and customer Tricia Monico did their best to make Rohlck comfortable while waiting for help, and just a few minutes later they were welcoming her baby boy, Jonathan Celner, into the world.

"I grabbed some hot towels because that's what I think you do," Baron said, "and I open the bathroom door and there's this woman on the rail huffing and puffing and ready to go and there is the head, three-quarters out, and there is Tricia holding her hand and saying, 'You're doing great, you're doing great,' and four minutes later: 'Waaaah.'"

Baron said the successful delivery was met with applause from other customers around the mall, and the story even made it on the local news.

Now, 18 years later, Baron and Celner reunited at the Starbucks for the first time since the delivery.

"This was a very big thing for me and I had always wanted to know what happened to him and to the family, and what he came out to be, and I wanted to give my perspective on that day," Baron, who now lives in Chicago, told The Record North Shore. "It was definitely a big smile moment for me when we saw each other. He's a really good guy."

The two spoke for about an hour, and said they would keep in touch.

"He is a super cool kid," Baron told the outlet. "He didn't know a lot of the insanity of what it was like. It was good to finally fill in all these holes that we had."

The reunion came to be when Baron recently looked up Rohlck's name and found her mentioned on a GoFundMe page after the passing of her husband. From there, he eventually found Celner on Facebook and sent him a message confirming if he was Rohlck's son.

Weeks later, Celner responded.

"I didn't hear from him for weeks and then got a response," Baron recalled to The Record North Shore. "He said 'Yes.' We both just kind of flipped out."

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