Teacher gushes over pupil’s adorable poem telling her how great she is

A teacher has shared an adorable video of one of her young pupils staying behind to give her a special message – and it left some viewers tearing up.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by teacher Stephanie Reed @stephanie_reed9, she says in the on-screen caption: "She waited so patiently until we were done with our lesson to tell me this."

The young pupil asks in the background: "Now can I sing?"

Stephanie smiles and tells her to go ahead, and is quickly overwhelmed by the cute recital of the girl's own poem for her.

The kid stammers: "You smell like a rose, you bloom every day.

"Your hair looks gorgeous every day and your heart is beautiful-er than a star.

"I just love you."

Stephanie added in the caption: "She told me she had something nice to say. I just didn't expect it to be this sweet. This made my day!"

The cute footage has been watched more 350,000 times since Stephanie uploaded it on Tuesday (February 9) and thousands of delighted people have flocked to comment on how sweet it was.

One person admitted: "That would have made me cry all day."

Someone else said: "I wish I had become a teacher for children every day."

Another teacher added: "I used to work at a school for eight years and there were over 800 students.

"I knew all their names and they loved me. I loved them all back."

This comes after a teacher revealed the most "unfortunate" baby name she had come across during her whole career and the unusual moniker only contains two letters.

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