Taylor Swift Shatters One Week U.S. Vinyl Sales Record In Just Three Days

Taylor Swift has just added yet another huge accomplishment to her growing list, and is making the headlines for shattering yet another record. Leaving all past artists in the dust behind her, The Olean Report has revealed that Taylor Swift has just seen more vinyl sales in 3 days than the previous record holder had sold in an entire week. Proving once again that she sits at the very top of her game and is poised to demolish every record previously set by others in the music industry, the 31 year old continues to stun the world with her success, and she’s poised to do it again… and again…

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Taylor Swift is not a stranger to shattering records, and she has certainly received more accolades than can be accurately listed throughout her career. Instead of taking time off to enjoy the fruits of her labor, or bowing out of the game while at her peak, she continues to command the charts with her continuous success, and she has just reached yet another milestone.

Swift has just broken the record for the highest vinyl album sales in one week with her album Evermore, and she has accomplished this in just 3 days. With just 3 days on the charts, the previously held record was broken, as 40,000 copies of her hit album were sold between May 28 and May 30.

It definitely wasn’t easy to accomplish this huge feat. Swift’s new reign means she had to overtake the success of her predecessor, which in this case, happened to be none other than the legendary Jack White. His Lazaretto album reached the same vinyl sales numbers in 2014, after 1 week of sales, a full 4 days longer than it took for Evermore to crisply steal the crown.

It seems that Taylor stuns at every turn and is showing no signs of stopping. She has continued to see huge success in her musical endeavors, and is not demonstrating any willingness or desire to step away from the spotlight.

If anything, her tenacity and thirst for higher achievements keeps her very much in the game, as she continues to command the charts with the release of each new single and subsequent album. Reaching such a high level of success with an album release after 3 days is unheard of, until now, and there’s no doubt that Taylor Swift will continue to stun audiences with her continued success.

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Sources: Olean Times Herald, Daily Mail, The International News

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