Switch career to the fast-growing drone industry where the sky is the limit

STOP me if I’m droning on, but I have good news.

The drone industry is one of the UK’s fastest-growing sectors, with experts predicting it will support 628,000 jobs by 2030.

Drones, also known as “unmanned aerial vehicles” (UAVs), are expanding into a huge range of fields, from delivering medical supplies, to mapping land and assessing oil-rig repairs.

A report from accountancy giants PricewaterhouseCoopers found they will eventually save UK firms £16billion a year.

A fully qualified pilot can earn up to £65,000 a year, with the average at £35,000.

It is a great career switch as well as a first career.

There are only 6,300 commercial drone pilots in the country, so there is plenty of opportunity.

One convert is Adam Watkin — who got into it after a car accident left him unable to continue his work as a finance manager.

After training as a drone pilot, with Coptrz, Adam now runs his own firm, aeromediawales.com.

Adam, 40, from Bridgend, South Wales, says: “Drones are a great industry to be in.

"Who knows how technology will influence our everyday jobs and careers?

"The sky really is the limit.

“The drone sector is ever-changing and there are so many new opportunities.

“To be a good drone pilot, you must be self-motivated and enjoy working on your own.

"A love of gadgets helps, plus you’ll need to always learn and be open to change.

"For me, the best part is TV work. It really is amazing to sit down with your family and see your work being used by companies like the BBC, within prime-time shows.

“This makes all the planning, training and gathering of permissions worth it.”

Training costs from £200 to £1,000, depending on the weight of the drone you want to fly.

To help the UK economy bounce back, Coptrz is offering the Civil Aviation Authority’s A2 Certificate of Competency course free of charge to online learners looking to swap careers post-pandemic or get back into work.

Coptrz chief commercial officer Steve Coulson says: “With the current unemployment rates, we feel we have a duty to help people back to work with new career options.

"The drone industry has a compelling future and offers the unemployed a real opportunity to retrain and be part of the drone revolution, to stimulate recovery of UK plc.”

The course uses AI-backed online simulations which means trainees no longer have to visit a physical test centre.

  • Find out more at coptrz.com/becomeadronepilot.

Rights on long Covid

MORE than a million of us are suffering from long Covid, latest figures reveal.

But if hit, what are your rights at work?

Employment lawyer Kate Hindmarch, of Langleys Solicitors, says: "As long Covid may prevent employees from working properly, questions have been raised about whether it should be considered an occupational disease, and what protection sufferers have at work.

"Long-Covid sufferers would need to meet the definition of a disabled person under the 2010 Equality Act, to be eligible for protection.

"Employees would have to prove they have a physical or mental impairment with a long-term substantial and adverse effect.

"The Equality Act does have some deemed disabilities, cancer, MS and HIV, but it would be surprising to see long Covid added to that list.

"However, if an employee can satisfy this legal definition, they will have protection.

"A worker with long Covid would need to have a dialogue with their employer and evidence of a disability would need to come from the staff member’s GP or the business’s occupational health provider.

"Employers have a duty to consider reasonable adjustments.

"Some may be able to accommodate through light duties or flexibility in location.

"If an extended absence from work is required, furlough can be considered while the scheme lasts."


PLUMBWORLD has 30 jobs on offer, including for buying assistants, warehouse operatives and IT support.

You can apply at plumbworld.co.uk/jobs.

Zest for testing

IT’S been trending on TikTok under the headline “Make £50 an hour from bed” – and now product trial site usertesting.com is seeking new UK testers.

The company works with leading brands, from Microsoft to Deliveroo, asking the public to test out new products in exchange for cash.

Tests can last from 20 minutes to 45 minutes, with payments then made to your PayPal account.

A spokesman said: “User-Testing works with more than 35,000 brands, with more than three million tests taken by our users so far.

“There are no limits to the numbers of tests you can take.”

To apply as a tester, visit usertesting.com.


O2 is hiring 60 new staff as retail advisers and store leaders.

Find your role at jobs.thesun.co.uk.

Perks that work

IT was recently voted the UK’s best place to work, now customer generation platform MVF is hiring for 70 new roles.

The jobs include sales, marketing, content creation, engineering and design.

The firm’s perks include a dedicated health and wellbeing expert, free duvet days, a counselling service, plus free sports clubs, including personal training, yoga and pilates.

Chief people officer Andrea Pattico said: “We have some incredible roles open at both entry and senior level.

“After the difficult year many brilliant, talented people will have experienced, it’s great to offer so many candidates the chance to become MVFers.”

Apply at mvfglobal.com/vacancies.

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