Supermarket May Bank Holiday opening times 2021: Are Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Aldi open today?

SUPERMARKET opening times are slightly different over the bank holiday weekend.

But if you need to stock up on supplies, we explain everything you need to know.

It’s worth checking shopping hours over the weekend and on Bank Holiday Monday itself (on April 3) so you’re not caught out.

Opening times will vary between stores.

Aldi opening times

Aldi is keeping its doors open over the bank holiday, although opening hours have been reduced slightly.

On the Bank Holiday Monday, it will open from 8am and close two hours early at 8pm.

Times in Scotland can vary so it's best to check with the store locator tool that Aldi provides to be on the safe side.

But you can use its store finder tool to double-check opening times for your nearest branch.

Aldi has around 900 shops in the UK.

Bank Holiday Monday: 8am until 8pm

Asda opening times

Asda has advised shoppers to use its store locator tool, as opening times on Bank Holiday Monday may differ.

On Monday, opening hours usually range from 7am to 11pm or midnight – but some stores might open later or close earlier than this.

Asda has more than 600 shops in the UK.

Some stores run 24 hours but it's unclear whether this will be the case over the bank holiday weekend.

Bank Holiday Monday: 6am or 7am until 11pm or midnight

Co-op opening times

The Co-op also hasn't published its opening times for the bank holiday weekend.

We've checked a few branches using its store opening times tool online to give you an idea of what to expect.

It appears its shops will be open over Bank Holiday Monday.

The Co-op has more than 2,000 stores in the UK.

Bank Holiday Monday: 6am or 7am until 10pm or 11pm

Iceland opening times

Iceland is definitely keeping its doors open this bank holiday Monday.

The supermarket hasn't confirmed exactly when it will be opening over the long weekend.

But you can check its locator tool to know if your nearest branch is closing any earlier than normal.

Iceland has over 900 shops in the UK.

Bank Holiday Monday: 8am or 9am and shut between 6pm and 9pm

Lidl opening times

Lidl will be closing two hours earlier than it usually does at 8pm on Bank Holiday Monday.

The supermarket has around 800 shops in the UK.

You can use its store finder tool to find out where your nearest branch is.

Bank Holiday Monday: 8am until 8pm

M&S opening times

While some stores are shutting early, M&S is giving shoppers more time to shop over the long weekend.

In some stores, shops are opening for an extra hour and a half on Bank Holiday Monday.

So instead of closing at 7pm, it's open until 8pm.

Not all stores are extending opening hours though – it's best to check using the M&S opening times tool to see when your nearest is open.

M&S has more than 1,000 shops in the UK.

Bank Holiday Monday: 8am onwards until 8pm

Morrisons opening times

Morrisons opening times over the Bank Holiday could vary across the country.

When we checked opening times for stores using Morrisons' locator tool, it didn't look like times were set to change much.

Stores usually open from around 6am to 11pm on a typical weekday or Saturday.

Again, it's best to check ahead with your local store to see if there are any changes.

There are around 500 Morrisons in the UK.

Bank Holiday Monday: 6am until 11pm

Sainsbury’s opening times

Sainsbury's opening hours this Monday could be different to what they usually are for some stores.

Stores usually close around 11pm on a regular weekday.

But on Bank Holiday Monday, most larger stores will only be open from 7am to around 9pm.

This means you'll have, on average, three hours less time to shop.

Check the Sainsbury's opening times page on its website for your nearest branch.

The supermarket has 600 supermarkets and 800 convenience stores.

Bank Holiday Monday: 7am until 9pm (larger stores) or 7am until 11pm (convenience stores)

Tesco opening times

Most Tesco stores are operating slightly reduced hours over Bank Holiday Monday.

Opening times are typically 6am or 7am until 10pm or 11pm on a regular weekday

But on Bank Holiday Monday you'll be able to shop from 9am to 8pm.

That means you'll have roughly three hours less time to shop.

You can use its store finder to see when your nearest is open.

There are just shy of 4,000 Tesco branches in the UK.

Bank Holiday Monday: 9am to 8pm.

Waitrose opening times

On Bank Holiday Monday, Waitrose will be closing at 6pm, giving shoppers three hours less time to shop in the evening.

The store is also opening an hour later than usual at 9am, so early risers might miss out on another hour of shopping in the morning as well.

Use its shop finder tool to check exactly when your store is open.

There are just under 400 Waitrose shops in the UK.

Bank Holiday Monday: 9am until 6pm

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