Store Your Wax In Style with the "Clove" Record Holder From Lichen

New York City-based design incubator, studio and store Lichen has released its latest in-house creation: the “Clove” record holder, a compact creation that looks to make a vinyl aficionado’s favorite records easily accessible and also help lighten the never-ending challenge of record storage.

Created by Lichen team member Thana Pramadono, the “Clove” is inspired by the rounded, budding flower-esque shape of the clove tree — an evergreen that can grow to almost 40 feet tall and is native to Indonesia and India — namely its unopened buds. Much like clove tree blooms are often plucked for fragrance, spice or flavoring, records can easily be plucked out of the holder without having to pick up the entire sleeve.

The “Clove” also boasts a considered size that enables it to fit on most record consoles while still holding up to 60 records. It’s constructed of black and silver aluminum and features Lichen branding on its base. Pramadono also notes that “crate,” as in record crate sounds like “kretek,” which is the Indonesian name for clove cigarettes.

If you’re looking for top-tier wax storage, the “Clove” record holder is available on the Lichen webstore now for $249 USD.

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