Starbucks Japan Celebrates "Home Coffee" With fragment design

fragment design is continuing its partnership with Starbucks Japan with an “At-Home Coffee” collection.

The release will see a French press, a coffee mug with a lid, and a blanket. Both coffee accessories are made from stainless steel and are available in the choice of matte white or black. Both stainless steel offerings have a polyhedral shape — the French press can make two full cups of coffee while the mug holds 414 ml. The blanket itself has been made with the same specification as the ones used in Starbucks Japan stores.

The mug will sell for ¥4,000 JPY, the French press ¥9,350 JPY, and the blanket ¥5,500 JPY, or $35 USD, $80 USD, and $50 USD, respectively. Look for these to drop on November 24 over at Starbucks Japan.

In other design news, Futura and NEIGHBORHOOD unveil “Pointman” incense holders.
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