Simple ideas to help drive down your petrol costs – if you manage to find any

THE rush to fill up has seen queues across the country and garages running dry.

While the Government insists there is enough fuel, the issue is likely to continue as the shortage of tanker drivers is set to affect deliveries.

If you do manage to get some petrol, these simple ideas can help drive down your costs.

Make your car less thirsty. You can do this by keeping your tyres fully inflated. Properly pumped-up tyres can reduce fuel consumption by up to three per cent. It’s also a good idea to lighten the load by removing an unused roof rack and emptying your car of clutter — plus a good excuse to have a tidy. Lighter cars use less fuel.

Drive more efficiently. You can do the same journey, covering the same distance, but using less fuel. Some ways to drive more efficiently include accelerating gradually, always driving in the highest possible gear and allowing your car to slow naturally, because your brake is a money burner. Re-starting your car adds up too, so keep moving if you can. For more driving advice see

Combine short trips. According to the AA, a cold start uses more fuel so it pays to combine trips if you can. Why not do all those errands in one hit? Of course, you could also just jump on your bike or get yourself a fitness tracker and get your steps up (and it means no splashing out on a gym membership).

Consider car-sharing. If you’re driving solo to work, have you thought about sharing lifts with colleagues? You could also use to calculate the cost of your journey by car. I used the site to calculate a 44-mile return journey to work and it estimated £8 — but that’s £2 each if you’ve got three passengers, saving £6 for each return journey. Alternatively, use your car less, walk more or take public transport — it helps the environment and your wallet.

Turn off the air-con. At low speeds, air-con increases fuel consumption, but at higher speeds the effect is less noticeable. Try opening windows around town and save the air-con for high-speed driving. Don’t leave it on all the time, but running it at least once a week helps keep the system in good condition.

Do fuel research. The website allows you to do 20 free searches on petrol stations near you to see who has the best rates. When you need to fill up (queue or no queue) you might as well get the best price possible. I found differences of around 2p per litre in my immediate area.

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Top swap

STORAGE doesn’t have to be boring. I love these woven baskets from H&M.

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