Should I ditch my new man for the gorgeous guy I met at the gym? – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: WHEN I see my crush at the gym, I want to jump off the machines and on to him.

We’re both 27. We’ve chatted a lot – that’s all – and I thought we could start something good, then somebody told me he has a girlfriend.

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I had feelings for him and I didn’t want to get hurt, so I distanced myself.

I met another guy who’s 30 and we’d just been on our third date when the guy from the gym knocked on my door.

He said he’s now single and wanted to catch up. I think he expected me to run into his arms but it felt like he was on the rebound.

But even when I’m with this new guy, I think of my gym buddy. He pops into my head and I dream about him too.

DEIDRE SAYS: You have made good decisions about this guy so far and it would be a shame to let him mess up a promising new relationship.

Tell him you need space so you can see if things are going to work out with your new guy. Focus firmly on that – which will be easier with no contact.

If you are really meant to be with the gym guy, he will wait and you will soon feel clearer about all this.

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