Should I cancel my summer holiday due to coronavirus? Experts say to keep it booked despite virus outbreak – The Sun

AIRLINES have been cancelling flights across Europe as Brits avoid going on holiday because of coronavirus.

Carriers have seen high numbers of cancellations and no-shows as the virus spreads across the continent and the Italian tourist board has made a public reassurance to would-be holidaymakers that the country is safe to visit.

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But according to the experts, there is little point in cancelling most trips just yet – as it all depends on the location and how far along they are with the virus by the time you travel.

Speaking at a press conference that outlined the government's six-point plan for battling the virus, Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance said: "A lot depends on where the outbreaks are.

"At the moment the outbreaks are across Europe and across most of the world in some form or other and they are contained in many places but are becoming un-contained in some places.

"And again it depends on the stage.  Once the epidemic is everywhere then at that point restricting travel makes no difference at all.

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