Sex robots of the future will be lesbians, have ‘bionic penises’ and could kill

Lonely singletons the world over could be one step closer to realising their Blade Runner dreams, as sex robots break through technological barriers previously thought unbreakable.

2022 will see our gentle AI companions become more advanced than ever before. They'll have self-heating 'erogenous zones', bionic penises and even a wide range of sexualities and genders to choose from.

With free travel cases included, it might not even be long until you see people taking their android partners on holiday.

What this means for sex robots is that they'll become much more advanced than just a 'sexy Alexa'. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, animation, and special effects, sex robots could be about to become a much bigger part of our lives.

But what it means for humans is a different story, as robots, VR, and AI begin to creep into the way we live our lives and relate to one another.

What's more, sex robots could become a little too advanced, and even rise up and turn on their partners if hackers, assassins and criminals get their hands on them.

Should we be afraid, or should we embrace our new robotic overlords? Here's everything to expect from the world of sex robots in 2022.

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Bionic penises that can 'lift trucks' – and the rise of the robo-lesbian

Perhaps the major development facing sex robots in 2022 is that they will become LGBTQ.

American sex robot company RealDoll is set to release the world's first lesbian sex robots next year, shortly after the launch of the company's first 'male' doll.

The doll, called Henry, can be programmed to 'be gay' and will be fitted with a bionic penis capable of lifting entire vehicles.

Matt McMullen of sex robot tech firm Realbotix said in an Instagram video that the company is working "on some sort of very special insert for Henry so that he's able to, you know, lift trucks with his penis or something."

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After Henry is out in the world, the company will focus its efforts on building 'lesbian' robots, but faces some challenges in terms of programming.

McMullen added that: "Not only do we need to create a different gender, we also need to create a sexual preference in the profile."

The good news is that sex robots of all genders will soon have "self-heating, self-lubricating erogenous zones", so equality really isn't dead.

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Murderous hacked sex robots still a 'threat'

It may all sound like fun and games. However, a major fear about sex robots is that they could turn on you while you're halfway through doing the deed.

A report from a Hong Kong law firm has warned people that sex robots could be "as dangerous as military AI" in the wrong hands, as they are relatively easy to hack.

That means criminals or even assassins could take control of your sex robot and use it to kill you in brutal ways, such as welding, decapitation, or an old fashioned stabbing.

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Dr Nick Patterson said: "Hacking into many modern-day robots, including sexbots, would be a piece of cake compared to more sophisticated gadgets like cellphones and computers."

"Hackers can hack into a robot or robotic device and have full control of the connections, arms, legs, and other attached tools like in some cases knives or welding devices."

The risk of a sex robot assassination could rise dramatically in 2022, as they gain increasingly powerful animatronic skeletons to help them engage more in the bedroom.

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Realbotix's McMullen told the Sun: "We're already starting to animate the body. The problem is: when can a body be animated and then be safe to throw into someone's bed?"

"A robotic arm that's strong enough to lift the entirety of its silicone weight is pretty darn strong. If something goes a little bit off with that, it can take your head off."

If you're worried about your sex robot trying to attack you, there are a few precautions you can take, such as staying in close proximity to the extension cable, or keeping a blunt object (like a fire extinguisher) near your bed. If it overpowers you, though, you're on your own.

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