Selling Sunset fans baffled over ridiculous outfit choices on season 6

If you’ve ever watched Selling Sunset, you’ll know that as well as it being a competition amongst the brokers on who can sell the most expensive houses, it’s also a contest when it comes to who can wear the most extra outfit.

For some context, the reality series follows The Oppenheim Group, an elite real estate company where the resident brokers sell the luxurious life to the rich and famous. Set in Los Angeles, where the weather is always hot and the clientele have excess money to spend, there’s also some added drama regarding the cast members’ personal lives mixed in there for good measure.

It is a reality show, after all.

So, with the premise of the series literally being about who can sell the most lavish multi-million dollar properties, all complete with a Kardashian-esque format, it makes sense for wardrobe choices to be suitably, if not offensively, over the top, right?

During past seasons, fans of the show have been left shook by some of the looks on display, with many questioning why the brokers are literally selling houses while dressed in ball gowns.

Well, for season 6, which has just dropped on Netflix, it seems the fashion decisions have stepped it up a notch. Big time.

Which means many viewers have taken to Twitter to air their opinions online with the other Selling Sunset fans.

From some joking that the brokers look like they’re getting ready for the Met Gala – and not to sell houses – others have branded the outfits as completely ridiculous and unrealistic for the industry. While some are just taking it all with a pinch of salt and finding the whole thing completely hilarious.

“Y’all were not kidding about the clothes on this season of Selling Sunset. It’s like sexy Star Wars,” one person joked as another saw the funny side of it, writing: “One of the funniest things about Selling Sunset is the neverending competition of who can wear the most ridiculous outfit to work.”

Others questioned the show and the real estate industry, taking to the social media platform to query the broker uniform guidelines.

“What are they wearing on selling sunset likeeeee these aren’t real clothes?? These are costumes right??” someone asked, as a fourth fan chimed in with: “Just want to check with the real estate world – is anyone outside the o group wearing cutout dresses and full ball gowns to work??? #sellingsunset.”

Other hilarious tweets included:

“The clothes on selling sunset this season are so insane. It’s like the Met Gala at every open house.”

“I love how ridiculous the outfits are in Selling Sunset. And it's even funnier when the women are stood next to their husbands and the dude is wearing a polo shirt and jeans.”

“Selling sunset outfits absolutely wiping the floor with met gala.”

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