Scottie Pippen Denies Calling LeBron James the GOAT of Basketball

In a recent press event to promote his new memoir Unguarded, Scottie Pippen made headlines once again to dig up the past to fuel his ongoing feud with Michael Jordan. During this conversation, he went on to reveal that he thought LeBron James was the greatest player in basketball.

Now, Pippen is denying he ever called LeBron James the true GOAT. In another interview, he has seemingly changed his mind and is now saying that there is no such thing as a “GOAT” in team games such as basketball. He shared,

“There’s no greatest in a team sport. Let me get that clear… There’s no greatest in baseball. There’s no greatest in football. There’s no greatest in basketball. There may be a greatest in golf. There may be a greatest in tennis and maybe some other individual sports that I can’t think of right now. But in team sports, there are great teams and there are outstanding individuals, but that don’t make them the greatest.”

LeBron James and Michael Jordan have often been pitted against one another in the GOAT debate. While it may seem to be unfair to state there is one singular player that is the best of all time, Fadeaway World comments that it would have probably been unlikely for the Chicago Bulls to have won six NBA champions and gone unbeaten in all six NBA Finals had it not been for Michael Jordan.

Take a listen to what Scottie Pippen had to say above.

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