Scorpios in love warned to be prepared for ‘up-all-night fights’

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There is one phrase that completely encapsulates a Scorpio’s romantic relationship. That phrase is “full on”, according to

Scorpios are known for their extreme intensity and passion.

They even love the “up-all-night fights” that most dread. said: “Scorpio never does anything halfway.”

This means their romantic relationships are often all-encompassing.

If you’re trying to woo a Scorpio, know that at first they may play hard to get.

This is because they are “flirtatious, seductive and mysterious” at heart.

However, as the relationship develops, Scorpios are very good at “pulling the strings”.

Beware, Scorpios rely on “body language and subconscious cues to make their potential partner do exactly what they want them to do”.

Despite their passion, Scorpios actually find it difficult to settle into long term relationships.

This is because they want their relationships to last a lifetime and don’t want to make the wrong decision about a prospective partner. said: “When a Scorpio does let their guard down, it’s a big deal, and a sign they truly want the relationship to last.”

If you are loved by a Scorpio, you are a lucky one.

If you’re taking a Scorpio on a first date, bring on the “reservations, candles and dimly lit cocktail bars”.

This sign loves mystery, seduction and intrigue.

“To Scorpio, dating is all about letting go of the every day and getting lost in fantasy.”

So let your imagination run wild when planning a first romantic encounter. 

Scorpios, keep your eye out for potential suitors in the form of Cancer, Aquarius and Taurus.

According to, Cancer is your perfect match.

“Cancer and Scorpio can have an almost psychic connection.”

They added: “These are two people who fundamentally, intrinsically, and instinctively just ‘get’ each other.”

Scorpios, you tend to gravitate to fire signs such as Aquarius, Sagittarius and Leo, but be prepared for tears, drama and an “intense final goodbye” if you go down this romantic route.

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