RHOC's Heather Dubrow Says She 'Hates' Castmates, 'Done With Show'

"Can someone be on my f—ing side?" the Bravo star said after a dustup in Mexico with Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter

Heather Dubrow is done with The Real Housewives of Orange County, or so she said on the latest episode.

The reality star called out her costars on a group trip to Mexico after Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter were making jokes about blocking Heather on Instagram while they were traveling together to a shopping trip.

“They’re so mean to me,” said Heather. “But I’m done with the show. I’m out. I’m done.”

“I’m 100 percent the punching bag on this trip,” said Heather during a confessional. “Anyone’s looking for me to breathe wrong, chew inappropriately. I can’t do anything right. I just want to be quiet and let this trip end.”

When the women got out of their ride to go shopping, Heather was calling it quits.

“Have a great day, I’m going home,” she said. “I’m going home. I just want to go home.”

“All these girls are so f—ing all over me for anything I f—ing say or do,” she continued.

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“I hate them all. I just want to go home.”

Taylor Armstrong then tried to calm Dubrow down, where she vented again about being “really ready to go home.”

“Every time I try to say anything, it just gets all turned around on me, so I’m just tired of it,” said Heather.

“I just really do not feel like I fit in, and anything I say just gets dissected or turned back around on me. If I make a joke, it’s not OK.”

Armstrong voiced that maybe some of the other women feel “inferior” to Heather.

“Maybe,” responded Heather. “I’ve been trying to say to Emily and Gina and them [that] I feel like there’s a double standard, but they keep telling me it’s a ‘me’ problem.”

“All I wanna do now is go home to my family,” she added. “I just don’t wanna talk to anyone.”

At another point in the episode, the Housewives got into a heated argument at dinner, after there was a mix-up about who was gossiping about the others. Members of the group were upset and called Dubrow a “fake friend.”

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“I didn’t call you a loser, but honestly I’m tired of being taken to task by this group,” said Heather, despite Gina saying in a confessional that he was a “genuine friend to Heather.”

“I get it. You don’t like me,” added Heather.

That’s when Dubrow sought out Vicki, saying, “”They’re so mean to me,” said Heather. “But I’m done with the show. I’m out. I’m done.”

Vicki agreed that she would “never put up with” the treatment from the other women.

“Nope, too much,” said Heather.

“I don’t like being the scapegoat,” continued Dubrow. “I think it’s bullsh-t. I don’t like it.”

“Can someone be on my f—ing side?” she said.

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