Photos show people who got thing VERY wrong on social media

That’s just wrong! Hilarious posts capture people who need to check their facts before arguing on social media – including one who thinks there are 3 billion people in the world

  • Gallery collated by My Health Gazette shows very assertive but wrong people
  • Person claimed there were 3M penguins in Antarctica for everyone in Ireland 
  • From claiming chicken isn’t a meat to incorrectly correcting Stephen King on spelling, here FEMAIL reveals the funniest and most awkward social posts 

They say if you’re going wrong – go wrong with confidence, and that’s exactly what these people did.

A hilarious gallery collated by My Health Gazette shows people from around the world being very assertive in their incorrect assumptions, from claiming the world has 3 billion people to saying getting milk from female cows is sexist.

One person claimed that there were three million penguins in Antarctica for every one person in Ireland to someone thinking blueberries were the only fruit named after a colour.

Others said that the average of 31 and 65 was 96 – while another was convinced that Canada wasn’t in North America.

From claiming chicken isn’t a meat to incorrectly correcting Stephen King on spelling, here FEMAIL reveals the funniest and most awkward social media brags.

Are you sure about that? One YouTuber proudly got to 1bn views – but thought that took him to a third – not an eighth – of the world’s population

Think about that one again! One person said it was ‘misogynistic’ that all milk came from female cows, not realising there’s no such thing as bull milk

Maths is a little off! One person got the population of Ireland – 5 million- a little off – and the number of penguins in Antartica – 12 million- way off. Their maths was even more wrong

One misogynist tried to correct someone on grammar after making a sexist comment, before incorrectly correcting someone

A fowl error! One person was convinced that chicken isn’t a meat – just don’t tell vegeterians!

That’s not how maths works! One person tried to say the average of 31 and 65 was 96 – after incorrectly adding them up

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Time to go back to school! One person thought that 2018 was 18 years after 2010

Check your sources! Wikipedia is unreliable at the best of times – but especially when confusing a US state and a country

Do you research! One person said they only wanted to buy American made cars so wouldn’t buy the American brand Tesla

Orange you glad you’re not this person! This person forgot about dozens of fruits, while another thought a star was a colour 

Water you saying! This person had a very interesting – and incorrect – theory about drinking water

Where do the supermarkets get it from? One person was very confidentially confused about where food comes from

Another case of Americans vs Geography! This person thought North America didn’t include Canada

Not so simple! One advert referred to a  supermarket as no middleman – ignoring the fact they are

Time to check in! This person didn’t realise there was a flu vaccine which has been available for years

Ageing backwards! This person corrected someone who thought BC years went forward

Practice social distancing! One person thought the dinosaurs and cavemen lived at the same time

Are you sure about that? Someone thought Ohio spelt backwards was Ohio – not Oiho 

Maths is what you make of it! This person got their maths very wrong but couldn’t help but double down on it

Oops! Stephen King is one of the most famous writers alive but this person incorrectly corrected his spelling

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