Pete Doherty unveils grey beard after ‘going clean’ in dramatic transformation

Pete Doherty looked totally different once again after he unveiled yet another transformation on Instagram.

The 42-year-old rocker, who has recently massively overhauled his drug taking ways, looked totally different as he added facial hair to complete his new image.

During the social media interview, the Babyshambles singer swigged beer as he chatted with frontman of Trampolene Jack Jones.

Sharing the segment to his own feed, Pete captioned: "Peter tramping through the lines of 'Gotta Do More Gotta Be More' with @trampolene_band out now on @straporiginals".

The discussion lands after unrecognisable images of Pete were in circulation that shocked the nation.

Pete, who is a self confessed drug addict, looked totally different after he'd cleaned up his act in the pictures that emerged last month.

The former singer confessed that he is "mostly clean" now, however he still enjoys alcohol but was insistent that he still enjoyed "a nice glass of water", showing just how much he has changed from his earlier years.

Seemingly looking a lot healthier these days, having not been on endless drug-fuelled benders that lasted for days, Pete explained that he's finally enjoying the finer things in life, including "cheese on toast" and "sleep".

He commented that his new look was mostly due to his love of french cheese Comtè which has replaced heroin in his life.

Speaking to The Sun about his dramatic transformation, Kate Moss's ex said: "I like Comté, Comté on toast. My guilty pleasure is sleeping.

"For years and years, I would stay up for five or six days and then I would sleep for 24 hours, so now I love sleep.

"At the moment I’m quite clean. I stopped taking heroin and ketamine.

"I like experimenting, making cocktails with champagne, a bit of rum, orange juice, I’m coming across like a bit of an alcoholic, but I’m not — I like a nice glass of water."

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