People reveal their biggest turn offs in the Sex Clinic

People reveal their biggest turn-offs in The Sex Clinic – including ‘nasty toes’ and an unexpected visit from the PARENTS

  • The Sex Clinic visitors reveal their biggest turn offs in tonight’s episode on E4
  • Most common pet hates include ‘bad breath,’ ‘nasty toes’ and ‘bad body odour’
  • Other answers include ‘vanilla sex’ and an unexpected visit from their parents 

Members of the public who aren’t afraid to open up about their sex lives have revealed their biggest turn-offs in The Sex Clinic.

In tonight’s episode of the E4 show, customers are as open as ever as they unveil their pet peeves when it comes to the bedroom. 

While many of us would agree foul breath and bad body odour are among the more common factors that could put us off a potential partner, some of these confessions may come as somewhat of a surprise. 

Chloe, 23, from Cardiff, says a surprise visit from his parents is the biggest no-go, while others count ‘nasty toes’ and ‘bad shoes’ as the biggest turn-offs. 

Blessing (pictured), 26, South East London, is one of the customers who reveals their biggest turn offs in tonight’s episode of E4’s The Sex Clinic. She says the ‘same boring position’ is enough to put her off a potential suitor

Louis (pictured), 18, from Brighton, doesn’t shy away from his opinion – and says ‘vanilla sex’ is his biggest no no 

And talent in the bedroom seems to be the talk of the day, with many agreeing that a boring performance leaves a lot to be desired.

Blessing, 26, South East London, says the ‘same boring position’ is enough to put her off a potential suitor, while Brighton-based Louis, 18, similarly agrees that ‘vanilla sex’ is his number one pet hate.

Meanwhile, Elett, 23, from Birmingham, says he can’t stand people who are selfish in bed, while student Taps, also 23, from Brighton, jokes: ‘Above eight inches…I’m not going anywhere near it!’   

Perhaps more familiar peeves include ‘grunting,’ and ‘bad breath’ – as vocalised by Iffy, 19, from Newcastle.

Daisie (pictured), from the UK, isn’t alone when it comes to her biggest turn off – which she reveals is ‘grunting’ 

Elsewhere in the episode, a worried 31-year-old Hugo, who has had around 1000 partners and rarely uses condoms, is in for an STI test. 

In recent years, he has been sleeping with straight men who have girlfriends. 

Lonan, 17,  has yet to lose his virginity so wants advice and tips ahead of his ‘first time’ with his boyfriend, while 23-year old Esther, influenced by popular culture and social media, is keen to know what makes the perfect vagina. 

Last through the doors is Chelsie who needs a new contraceptive implant fitted inside her arm. 

During her visit, she is described as ‘The Sexual Health Icon’ due to having a clean bill of sexual health and using condoms for both penetrative and oral sexual intercourse. 

Tracy (pictured), 31, admits her biggest turn-off in the bedroom is when someone is ‘hairy and sweaty’

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