People reveal the rudest guest they've ever had at their weddings

Are these the rudest wedding guests ever? Couples share their horror stories – from an uncle offering guests MONEY to object to the marriage to a mother-in-law in a white mini skirt who announced her own engagement

  • American people shared stories about rudest guests to ever attend weddings 
  • One person’s mother-in-law stole the show by announcing she was engaged 
  • One uncle tried to offer people money to object to the happy couple’s  union

Drunken dancing, a dodgy comment in the speeches or a guest in an inappropriate outfit are to be expected at weddings, but some guests have taken rude behavior to such heights that it almost ruined the big day. 

Brides and grooms from around the US have taken to a Reddit wedding-shaming thread to share the horror stories that made their big day memorable for all the wrong reasons. 

One attention-seeking mother-in-law’ announced her own engagement during the rehearsal dinner and then showed up to the wedding in a ‘winter-white mini-micro skirt.’

Another bride recounted how an aunt brought a piñata to a wedding so that the groom would have ‘something to pop’ because his new wife was not a virgin. 

American wedding-goers opened up about the rudest ever wedding guests they encountered on Reddit. Stock pictured

Among the many wedding horror stories shared on the thread, one mother-in-law’s antics stood out.  

‘In lieu of giving a toast at the rehearsal dinner, my mother-in-law got up to announce that she was getting married that next Wednesday. She wore her winter-white micro-mini skirt wedding suit to the ceremony the next day,’ the bride said. 

At the same wedding, the groom’s childhood best-friend and his girlfriend showed up high on drugs. and his mother ate more than half of the groom’s cake.  

Another bride revealed how it was their officiant who ‘was over an hour late, brought her adult daughter, and ate all the bacon-wrapped scallops. 

One bride recounted how she was told off by one of her guests for not knowing she was engaged

‘When we asked for a refund, she wrote a letter telling us we were going to hell,’ the woman added. 

And another bride recounted how her in-laws made off with the leftovers of the wedding cake so that the couple didn’t get to have any.  

‘My husband was/is so bummed, we had really good cake with three different flavors and he didn’t even get a slice of the cake he chose,’ she said. 

There were other examples of thunder-stealing relatives, with one father making the speech he delivered at his daughter’s wedding all about himself. 

‘My attention-seeking dad cut my sister’s speech short, taking the mic and did his speech before the best man,’ the bride recounted. 

People shared all kinds of horror stories, from attention-seeking mother-in-law to disapproving aunt 

‘One of the points in his speech was something about how he was supposed to do the first speech. Another point was how my husband and I didn’t know each other that long (15 months) and basically that we were rushing,’ she added. 

The poor bride explained she felt ‘hurt and embarrassed’ but did her best to forget about the incident ‘because [she] didn’t want him to ruin my wedding day. 

Meanwhile, a guest recalled how a judgmental aunt brought a piñata in the shape of a woman to her sister’s wedding so ‘the groom could have something to “pop” that night since [the bride] wasn’t a virgin.

‘My cousin and I took care of it and it never made its way into the reception thank goodness,’ she added. 

One bride’s officiant was an hour late and told the couple they were going to hell when they asked for a refund. 

An uncle was also called out for offering to pay teens to disrupt his brother’s wedding. 

‘When I was 16 I sat next to my uncle at my other uncle’s wedding. He kept offering me more and more money to object. I didn’t do it, but at 16, $500 to make a fool of yourself at a wedding is very tempting,’ one person recalled.  

‘My mom and dad walked from table to table and “quietly” told everyone that they were separating,’ said another.  

One relative was also criticized for making a very memorable speech about childbirth. 

‘At my wedding (we’re long divorced) my mother-in-law gave a speech that included all the details about my husband’s trip down the birth canal. More than 10 years on and my friends and family still talk about it,’ one said. 

And one bride recalled how her grandmother walked out halfway through her wedding.

When it was not grandmothers’ walking out of the ceremony or uncles offering money to teens to object, couples had to deal with college friends calling their wedding boring 

‘My grandmother walked out halfway through my vows. Still don’t actually know why because we haven’t spoke since. She just said to my aunt: “Right, I’ve had enough” and off she went to wait in my aunts car. 

‘My uncle had to miss the first half of our reception just driving the old hag home,’ they added. 

When it wasn’t relatives wreaking havoc on the couple’s weddings, it were their rude friends.

‘Groomsman professed his love for bride days before the wedding and then passed out from heat exhaustion at the altar,’ one said. 

‘One of my college friends who showed up late then called my wedding boring during the reception to my face.’ another said. 

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