Pensioner gives Rihanna a run for her money with his epic karaoke performance

When you pop down your local boozer you are bound to see some sights – from drunken arguments to questionable dancing, the pub has it all.

And for this one woman she was lucky enough to have a ‘visit’ from Rihanna at her local. Well, not quite.

Shayne Cole took a trip to the pub which was hosting a karaoke night.

Posting to her 108,000 TikTok followers under the username @shayneenolacole , she captured the moment when a pub-goer took centre stage.

Or in this instance, the pub floor.

In the first clip, Shayne can be looking lost for words shaking her head while looking down at the camera.

She cheekily captioned the post: “Guys Rihanna visited the pub last night.”

Donning a red sweater vest and a green chequered shirt, the pensioner waved a black umbrella around as he danced and jumped about.

Attempting to belt out the Rihanna hit ‘Umbrella’, the entertainer paced the floor with a microphone in one hand and his prop in the other.

The seasoned performer even put his on twist on the song as he sang “under my umbrelly elly-ella".

And now, his rendition of the hit has gone viral.

Since being posted two days ago, the video has now racked up 802,000 views and 190,000 likes.

Having been left in stitches by the bloke’s remix to Rihanna’s noughties hit, many people fled to the comments to have their say on the pub performance.

One person commented: “Mans having the time of his life.”

Another user added: “Omg I love him.”

A third person joked: “Rihanna has been real quiet ever since this performance.”

Someone else remarked: “He needs to be protected.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user jested: “Rihanna please collab with this upcoming artist.”

Sounds like he could give Rihanna a run for her money!

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