Patricia Arquette Ghosted a Murderer: 'Years Later He Killed His Girlfriend'

She revealed on Twitter she dated a pro-skateboarder turned convicted killer Mark ‘Gator’ Rogowski.

Patricia Arquette has a pretty good sixth sense, it seems.

Responding to a question posed on Twitter on Tuesday night — “What’s the most awkward date y’all ever been on?” — the actress revealed she may have dodged a bullet.

“Second date. Pro skateboarder. Really cute. Friends with my friends,” she began. “We made out but something about how he kissed me freaked me out. I gave him a fake number. Years later he killed his girlfriend.”

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Amid the many horrified fans, one guessed if her mystery man was Mark ‘Gator’ Rogowski, — and she replied in the affirmative.

“Yes right. He raped and killed. His girl friend who was best friends with his x girlfriend,” she clarified.

Of the kiss, she added, “It felt aggressive. Like pushing me back hard with his jaw and it felt like it was angry.” When another follower said it was a “close call,” she responded, “Moral to the story- Trust your instincts.”

“And my daughter thinks I’m overprotective,” she added in another reply.

Rogowski is currently serving a 31-year to life prison sentence for the 1991 rape and murder of Jessica Bergsten, a close friend of his ex girlfriend Brandi McClain.

He was one of the most popular skateboarding figures on the 1980s; but his career waned alongside the declining popularity of vert skateboarding, as street skating took over in the 90s, which in turn led to a split with McClain and a descent into alcoholism.

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After running into Bergsten years later, they spent the day together before he brutally clubbed and smothered her to death in his apartment; he later confessed it was out of misplaced act of revenge toward McClain.

His story is told in the 2003 documentary “Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator”.

Incidentally, at the height of his fame, he worked as a stunt double on the 1989 film “Gleaming the Cube”, which starred Christian Slater, Arquette’s co-star in “True Romance”.

Arquette wasn’t the only celeb to relive an awkward date tale in the Twitter thread: Monica Lewinsky had a couple of doozies of her own.

“hmmmm. toss up between guy who told me (during appetizers) he thought ken starr was a good guy vs. guy who encouraged me to order dessert because “he likes women bigger than himself,” she wrote.

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