Patek Philippe Drops Long-Rumored Steel Nautilus With Green Dial

There was only one way the long-running 5711 saga could end and this morning Patek Philippe has dropped the green-dialled stainless steel Nautilus we were all expecting, the 5711/1A-014.

Patek boss Thierry Stern announced there would be a strictly limited ‘Final Edition’ of the fabled 5711/1A shortly after announcing the demise of the model, which had spiralled out of control on the secondary market.

Patek collector @patekaholic, the man who broke the 5711 story, then posted a mock-up of a 5711 with a green dial on his Instagram feed, correctly predicting Stern’s Final Edition would employ the on-trend (among watch brands) color.

The olive green shade given over to the Nautilus’ sunburst dial is the only point of difference to the blue dial model, employing the same 26-330 S C automatic in-house movement and the same 40mm stainless steel case.

Stern mentioned the watch would be produced in limited numbers, although Patek is not revealing those at this point. Actually there’s no indication that the model is limited at all.

Patek Philippe also dropped a version with a diamond-set bezel alongside, the 5711-1300-01.

With Stern publicly stating that he hoped a ‘Final Edition’ would satisfy some of the customers left disappointed on 5711/1A waiting lists, if you’re in the running for a 5711/1A-014 the chances are your local Patek Philippe Authorized Dealer will be in touch shortly.

The 5711/1A-014 is listed with a retail price of $34,893 USD and the 5711/1300A-001 $94,624 USD, although whether they change hands for those sums still remains to be seen.

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