Oppo announces the 'Oppo Watch' and it looks a bit familiar

Chinese smartphone brand Oppo has just announced it’s bringing out a smartwatch called the Oppo Watch.

Like all smartwatches, it’ll track your activity and relay messages and notifications from your phone. You can pick up different bands to change up the style of it and there’s a host of third-party apps for added functionality.

It also really, really looks like the Apple Watch.

According to Oppo: ‘The 46mm version features a 1.91-inch AMOLED screen with a 72.76% screen-to-body ratio, 402×476 resolution, and 326ppi density for extra detail. An “ultra-frameless” design makes the most of every millimeter of space, packing in an impressive amount of information.’

Oppo’s vice president Brian Shen posted on Chinese social media site Weibo that: ‘This might be the best-looking smart watch of the year’.

Not everyone is convinced.

Oppo claims the watch will go for 40 hours on a single charge and can be fitted with an eSIM for on-the-go connectivity. It’s water-resistant and runs on software called ‘ColorOS Watch’, based on Google’s open-source Android code.

‘As Oppo’s first foray into the wearable market, Oppo Watch is raising the bar with its signature design, built-in cellular connectivity, health & fitness features, fast charging, and Dual-Chip Endurance System,’ the company said in a press release.

‘Overall, it’s a smart watch experience you won’t want to miss.’

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