Newlywed couple slammed for serving McDonald's at their wedding meal

Are you a fan of McDonald’s? Well, then you would have loved to have been present at this French wedding.

A couple were met with a resounding cheer from guests when they served Maccies at their nuptials. However, they received backlash for the choice online.

The bride and groom went viral on TikTok with their truly iconic choice to have a McDonald’s spread instead of a traditional three course meal.

Footage shared on the app shows the pair announcing the news to the room.

Taking to the microphone, the bride motions guests to look to the back of the room. Next, everyone turns around to see the big reveal.

To the delight of everyone present, a delivery driver carrying paper bags filled with McDonald’s walks in and is met with cheers of delight.

Groom Thomas Billaudeau posted the video online and tagged McDonald’s Beauvais Tille in the caption.

@McDonald’s Beauvais Tille Merci pour la régalade à notre mariage 😂

‘Thanks for the treat at our wedding,’ he wrote. To which the McDonald’s restaurant replied: ‘It was a pleasure to participate in this superb day.’

While guests appeared happy with the choice, those online were not and voiced their opinions in the comments below.

‘I hope it’s a joke,’ wrote one viewer.

Another added: ‘Minimum wage marriage.’

While a third and fourth wrote: ‘Eating cold fries, awesome’ and ‘I’m leaving immediately.

Nevertheless, most shared in the delight of guests.

In a comment loosely translated from French, one person said: ‘Congratulations on your union! I’m sick of people who take out 30k loans to please others and then get criticized for it.”‘

While someone else spoke of the savvy nature of choosing such a meal option: ‘I would rather eat McDonald’s at my wedding than go into debt for 25 years for a wedding.’

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