New Android update will solve the biggest problem with wireless charging

Google released the first version of Android 11 last month …to absolutely zero fanfare. The first Developer Preview for Android 11 is intended for developers to help optimise their apps for the new operating system before it releases worldwide later in the year.

That said, having an early version of Android 11 out in the wild does offer an insight into the new features Google is working on inside its Mountain View campus. And it seems one of these could be engineered from the ground up to fix the biggest problem with wireless charging.

We’ve all been there – you place your phone on a wireless charging pad, walk away, come back an hour later expecting your phone to be brimming with juice to find it never charged because you didn’t place it on the charger correctly.

Well, those painful experiences could soon be a thing of the past.


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As noted by blog 9to5Google – which was tipped off by a Reddit post – it seems Android 11 will be able to detect when your device isn’t perfectly aligned on a wireless charging mat and display a message telling users to readjust it. The alert aptly reads: “Realign phone to charge wirelessly.”

At the moment the feature only appears to be working on Pixel devices. It’s currently unclear how it works exactly, but we’re betting the phone is able to detect it’s receiving power and then draw conclusions of its own if that’s suddenly cut off based on sudden movements measured by its gyroscope and accelerometer.

Assuming the feature makes its way into the final version of Android 11, it will certainly solve the biggest problem with wireless charging. All we need is faster speeds now…

Wireless charging warning messages aside, there’s plenty to look forward to in Android 11. One of our favourite features at is certainly Bubbles that essentially replicates the functionality of Facebook Messenger’s Chat Heads.

In theory, Bubbles will let you keep all your most important conversations from the likes of WhatsApp stored in a little icon that can be moved around your phone display.

Notifications have always been one of Android’s strengths and it seems Google’s newest operating system will take things to the next level.

Android 11 will tote a dedicated “conversations” section within its notifications tab that will neatly arrange every communication you have with friends, family or even work colleagues.

The basic premise of the feature is to place the notifications you’re more likely to interact with front and centre while giving those you’re probably going to swipe away less attention.

There’s also a number of other features in Android 11 worth shouting about, such as a dedicated screen recorder, new app permissions settings and scrolling screenshots.

You can read about some of the best new features in Android 11 here.

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