Mystery object shaped like a key with snake-like tail seen over Massachusetts

This strange object, described as a "skeleton key UFO", was filmed floating above the skies in Massachusetts on Sunday.

In the video, recorded in Plymouth County, a dark, cross-shaped object appears to be hovering above a football pitch in the middle of the day.

A witness can be heard exclaiming: “That is not of this world!”

Troy B, who filmed the phenomenon, told YouTube channel ZeaL, where the video was uploaded, that it was the size of a helicopter and moved very fast.

He told the channel: "The object flew parallel to our heads, I would say no further than the length of a football field away from us.

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"I saw that it was about the size of a helicopter, if not larger, but couldn't tell what it was.

"That is why I took my camera out and began filming."

But the surprising speed of the UFO meant that it was already turning into a speck in the distance.

"By the time I got my phone out, the object had already begun accelerating away from us," he added.

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"While it may appear to be hovering in the video, it is actually travelling forward at a great deal of speed.

"I could see the shape of the structure clearly, and could see the ovular shaped black orb and what appeared to be a caterpillar-like tail.

"As I stated, the craft came close enough to us that I could distinguish only two things.

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"One, that there was no visible human navigating the device, and two, that I have never seen something like this before."

Snake-like UFOs have been regularly spotted in the US in recent weeks, although none have had the key-shaped structure as the one seen over Massachusetts.

This latest sighting comes after a "bus-sized" UFO was spotted hovering over Malden in Massachusetts and was said to be testing the "chem trails".

And a pilot filmed an odd "cigar-shaped UFO" from the cockpit of his plane while he was flying above Utah.

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