Mum-of-22 spends £7k on Christmas presents and uses 70 rolls of wrapping paper

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The parents of Britain’s biggest family, the Radfords, left viewers gobsmacked after revealing they spent £7,000 on Christmas presents for the kids this year.

Sue Radford, 46 and husband Noel, 50, opened their home to cameras once again in a festive edition of their Channel 5 documentary – 22 Kids and Counting at Christmas.

The duo revealed they had bought around 300 toys and other presents for their 22 children in the show on Sunday night.

And, there were moments of laughter as well as jaw-dropping expense as Noel brought home a living turkey rather than a butchered one for the family to eat.

The Radford’s Christmas meal also featured a 4kg beef joint, a whole roasted goose, 7kg of spuds, 120 pigs in blankets, four bags of sprouts and six tins of chocolates, reports LancsLive.

Noel cooks the dinner for his enormous brood, and noted: "I quite enjoy cooking Christmas dinner for so many people."

But, while he cooks the meal Sue is in charge of the food shop where she was spotted picking up a 4.75kg block of cheese!

She claimed it would only last a week… and that she got through 70 rolls of wrapping paper for the kids’ presents.

And, Noel had to locate a turkey that was big enough for their big family.

He said: "This year I’ve decided I'm going to order a turkey from a local farm rather than a supermarket."

Unfortunately, things went off plan when a woman dressed as an elf delivered a live turkey in a cage to the Radfords' Morecambe home.

Noel laughed: "Oh bloody hell, look at it! It’s not ready for the oven!

"It’s for Christmas dinner. It’s not for a pet, it’s to eat!

"Sue’s gonna kill me. I said I’ve got a turkey for Christmas, I meant an oven turkey – one we can eat – not like one that’s going to potter round the garden."

Also seen in the episode was the Radfords' trip to Lapland where they met Father Christmas with 13 of the kids.

Although, Sue and Noel were left stressed over whether all of their passports were still in date and some of the older kids chose to stay home and volunteer with a homeless charity.

After the show was released, Sue posted on Instagram: "Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone for watching our program tonight, all the lovely messages and comments we’ve received.

"I can’t even begin to tell how lucky we feel to have experienced Lapland with our children it really is the most MAGICAL place and I know our children will treasure those memories forever, memories are worth so much more than fancy gadgets. Merry Christmas guys."

But, not all of their fans were blown away by the special.

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One person commented: "Used to love watching this family but nowadays they just like to flaunt their wealth. Too materialistic for my liking #22kidsandcounting."

While another added: “Onto #22kidsandcounting now … feelings are hit & miss with this programme. I always tune in, but the excess they spend is still too much."

But, some were still impressed by Sue and Noel’s energy.

A fan commented: “ “#22kidsandcounting – honestly hats of too them. I think two children are expensive."

Would you ever spend this much money at Christmas? Tell us in the comments…

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