Mum left ‘looking like Shrek’ after fake tan horror show turns skin green

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A young mum joked she was transformed from "Casper the Friendly Ghost" into "Princess Fiona from Shrek" after a fake tan blunder.

Kerry McRobb, from Scotland, wanted to give her pale skin a "golden glow" an so dug out a bottle of St Moriz tanning lotion in shade "Darker than Dark".

But the 20-year-old soon realised she had made a grave mistake after her sun-kissed skin turned green.

She posted her look on TikTok and joked: "This is my sign to stop fake tanning and get the sun beds back as soon as possible.

"I cannot fake tan, sun beds hurry back! I miss you."

In another post, she shows how the tan developed on her body – covering her face to hands, down to her toes.

Kerry, who works as a support worker in a children's hospital, said: "I'm very pale without fake tan, I look like Casper – the friendly pale ghost.

"I put the fake tan on as I wanted a golden glow, I used St Moriz 'Darker than Dark' fake tan.

"Before I was pregnant I would put it on every so often when I went out. Not like in school when we had Tan Thursdays – everyone would be stinking of digestive biscuits."

While slathering herself in the tan, Kerry said she noticed it was a little green, but ploughed on regardless.

Kerry said: "As I was putting it on I noticed it was a little bit green and as it was drying it got worse and worse.

"I put two layers on and left it on overnight. I first spotted the khaki green colour on my phone's camera that night, I was a bit taken aback.

"I shared the pictures with my friends, they found it funny. I said I looked like Shrek but I'd like to think I was more Princess Fiona."

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After sending the funny snaps to her friends, Kerry went to sleep and woke up the following morning to have a thorough shower – in which she was thankfully able to scrub off the green tinge.

Kerry said: "I hadn't fake tanned in over a year because I was pregnant, so it was probably out of date.

"I wasn't concerned as I knew it would come off, it was very funny."

St Moriz recommend storing their tanning products in the fridge to prevent oxidation of the ingredients, which can contribute to the change of colour.

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