McDonald’s Is Giving Away 1000 Of Its Legendary VIP Gold Cards

McDonald’s will give away 1000 VIP gold cards later this month. They entitle the holder to free food from its restaurants for a whole year.

There are plenty of rumors out there regarding famous food franchises issuing cards to celebrities that entitle them to free food. Nando’s famed black card is the one that is most discussed. Although Ed Sheeran and Example claim to have them, exactly what the cards entitle them to continues to be shrouded in mystery.

McDonald’s has its very own mythical card rumors. The McDonald’s VIP gold card apparently entitles its holder to free food for life at any of its restaurants. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are rumored to be among the handful of gold cardholders, but its existence has never been confirmed. Until now.

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McDonald’s famous Monopoly game returns to the UK later this month. It allows customers to win anything from a free Big Mac to a brand new car. This year a new prize will enter the mix. The previously mythical VIP gold card. McDonald’s has officially revealed it has 1000 to give away during the competition. The card will entitle its holder to free food once a week for a full year.

“The #McDonaldsVIP Gold Card is here. Exclusively available through Monopoly from 25th March. No blue tick required,” McDonald’s UK tweeted this week. Unlike other mysterious restaurant-associated VIP cards, McDonald’s has outlined exactly what gold cardholders will get. It also took shots at the celebrities rumored to have Nando’s black cards, writing that if they want the Maccy D’s equivalent they’ll have to play Monopoly like everyone else.

The assumption is that the gold cards will be given away every year once Monopoly rolls around. Hence the card only lasting 12 months. That means previous gold cardholders will have to play again after becoming accustomed to not paying for their fast-food. It also prevents more than 1000 people at a time having the right to demand free McDonald’s. Free food for life could prove pretty problematic 20 years from now if McDonald’s didn’t put a 12-month limit on the card.

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