Kris Jenner Gifts Her Entire Family Cars For Christmas

Kris Jenner may have proved herself as the most generous gift-giver in the Kardashian-Jenner family, as she gave all of her children cars this past holiday season.

According to PEOPLE, Kim gave her followers a sneak-peak of the flashy gifts on her Instagram store.

Kris had assembled a collection of electric MOKE cars in various colors, including pink, blue, yellow, and orange. Kim focused on a white MOKE with a black skull on the hood, saying, “This has to be for Kourtney and Travis.” She added that her mom had gifted her and younger sister Khloe pink versions.

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MOKE has been making cars since the 1950s – its first model was meant to be used in combat and had the ability to be parachuted from the skies. With time, the jeep-like vehicle became loved by “stars, surfers and Caribbean travelers,” its website explains. They’re often used as golf carts.

In the 21st century, MOKE vehicles were re-engineered to be bigger, wider, and sturdier. In addition, its most recent model is eco-friendly and runs solely on electricity.

MOKE vehicles can be customized, which makes their prices vary. But a base model starts at a little over $20,000. Adding benches – which it appears Kris’ models had – costs $1,595, while high-performance chargers start at $895 and Bluetooth Stereos are $500.

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It’s unclear how much Kris spent on each individual car that she gifted. Marie Claire estimates she easily spent $150,000 in total– with six children to buy  for, she likely spent around $25,000 on each electric car.

Prior to the holidays, many of the Kardashian-Jenners shared some of the luxurious gifts they’d be giving out this season. Page Six reveals that an at-home infrared wrap (valued at $518) was at the top of Kourtney’s gift-giving list.

“They can enjoy the healing properties of the infrared light from their homes,” Kourtney, who got engaged to Travis Barker in late 2021, said of the gift.

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The outlet reports that Kris also planned to spoil some of her family members with a vertical farm stand, which can vary between $300-$600 depending on the size. The self-watering, self-fertilizing design promises to make it easy to grow food at home.

Page Six adds that Khloe also wanted to gift her loved ones something that focused on food sustainability – a compact kitchen composter, valued at $499. Khloe explained that she personally loves using a food compacter with her daughter, True, 3, in order to educate her on the importance of preventing food waste.

What Kardashian-Jenner gift would you most like to receive?

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