Jennifer Garner's Favorite Reusable Coffee Cup Has Been Sold Out for Months – but It's Finally Back

Some people can leave the house without their morning coffee, while others cannot. And if you, like Jennifer Garner, fall into the latter category of coffee drinkers, we think you'll be all ears about a recent Amazon restock.

Garner has been photographed with a cup of coffee in hand so many times, we've officially lost count. But the actress doesn't drink her coffee any old way; as in, she doesn't rely on single-use plastic or wasteful paper cups. Instead, Garner reaches for the top-rated KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup that's been sold out for months — but now, it's finally back in stock on Amazon and yours for the taking.

Garner has had the KeepCup coffee cup seemingly glued to her hand since 2018. Three years later, and she's still never more than an arm's length away from it because it's just that good. Basically, the KeepCup is exactly what you think; it's a reusable coffee cup made from durable tempered glass that you can use over and over again.

Buy It! KeepCup Reusable Glass Cup Brew Cork, $26 (orig. $32);

The to-go mug also has a sustainably harvested cork sleeve that stays put, is comfortable to hold, and of course protects your hands from that dreaded cup burn. It also has a press-fit sipper lid that prevents spillage while walking, a drafted vessel for smooth sipping, and a lightweight design that's easy to carry around.

After word got out about this celeb-approved cup, it's been going in and out of stock. In time, it's also earned close to 2,000 five-star ratings, plus an Amazon's Choice badge, which basically indicates that it's a popular, well-priced product. Shoppers who've tested it out in real life praise the cup with sentiments like "I take it with me everywhere now" and "this mug takes the top prize out of all the mugs I've tried (probably 20 or more)."

The KeepCup is available in four sizes that range from six ounces to a large 16-ounce option for those heavy coffee drinkers (Garner uses the medium 12-ounce size). So whatever amount of caffeine you need that day, there's a KeepCup to keep up with it. Shop the Garner-approved essential on Amazon, below, before it's gone again.

Buy It! KeepCup Reusable Glass Cup Brew Cork in Large $28;

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