Is CHLOROPHYLL the ultimate wellness cure-all?

Is this green water the ultimate cure-all? TikTok users go wild for CHLOROPHYLL, claiming that drinking the plant pigment clears skin, boosts immunity and stops SWEAT from smelling

  • Chlorophyll is a natural pigment that gives plants their green color, and helps the living greenery to absorb energy from the sunlight during photosynthesis 
  • The antioxidant-rich pigment is also available as a supplement in both liquid and powder form, both of which are meant to be mixed into water 
  • Chlorophyll supplements are not made from pure plant pigment, but rather contain chlorophyllin, a synthetic version of the compound
  • Dozens of TikTok users have been touting the benefits of mixing chlorophyll into your water, claiming it clears up skin, improves gut health, and boosts immunity
  • Others insist that it has stopped their ‘sweat from smelling’ 
  • Some experts agree that chlorophyll is ‘helpful’ as a health supplement, and several studies have proven its ability to improve skin conditions and digestion
  • However other medical experts insist that the supplement is a ‘fad’ and insist that eating vegetables are far more effective  
  • The online popularity of chlorophyll has seen liquid and powder versions of the supplement sell-out online 

A new wellness trend has taken social media by storm, prompting hundreds of users to start guzzling green water – which they claim boasts a wealth of health benefits, helping to treat everything from acne and body odor to poor digestion. 

Over the past few weeks, dozens of TikTok users have taken to the app to tout the many benefits of drinking chlorophyll, a natural compound that gives green plants their color, and helps greenery to photosynthesize. 

But according to its fans, chlorophyll also works wonders for humans when added to water as a liquid or powder supplement, which they have been quick to tout in a series of videos shared on the social media app.  

Improved gut health, better immunity, clear skin, and sweet-smelling body odor are just some of the many benefits that users claim they have experienced as a result of drinking chlorophyll – prompting many liquid and powder versions of the supplement to quickly sell out online.  

The ultimate wellness remedy: TikTok users are going gaga for chlorophyll water, insisting that the green beverage boasts a wealth of health benefits 

Take note: Holistic health practitioner Daisey Miller, from California, told her 11,200 followers that drinking liquid chlorophyll can get rid of bad body odor, detox blood, and boost immunity 

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Drop it like it’s green: Chlorophyll is a natural compound found in plants, and it gives living greenery its color and also helps plants to photosynthesize 

Something special: However wellness gurus, like Allison Kimball, insist that it also offers a host of benefits for humans

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Holistic health practitioner Daisey Miller, from California, told her 11,200 followers that she drinks liquid chlorophyll every day, insisting that the supplement will ‘change your life’.   

‘[Liquid chlorophyll] stimulates the immune system, gets rid of bad body odor, helps with inflammation, cleans your intestines, and detoxes blood,’ she said in one clip.

In another video, Daisey revealed the chlorophyll can also help to improve the smell and ‘taste’ of a woman’s genital area, saying: ‘All of my friends who have a vagina need to stop scrolling right now and listen to me…

‘I have your new best friend. Chlorophyll water girls. Just pop a teaspoon of this in each glass of water you have every day and just watch. Not only does it make you smell good, but if makes you taste good. Sweet, like berries.

‘Try it out, follow my advice, ask your partner, thank me later.’  

Wellness advocate Allison Kimball was also full of praise for the plant pigment, waxing lyrical about the many benefits that she has seen since she started drinking it. 

‘It improves my skin, improves digestion, immune support, wound healing, it improves gut health, odor control, and detoxification,’ she said, explaining that she puts 15 drops of chlorophyll into a large insulated cup of water, and repeats that three times a day. 

Allison then went on to reassure her followers that chlorophyll doesn’t taste in any way unpleasant, noting that the ‘one she has just tastes like mint water’. 

And it’s not just wellness warriors who are happily promoting the natural supplement. 

Influencer and designer Suede Brooks admitted that she was reluctant to try chlorophyll water, noting that she ‘didn’t really believe’ in the trend – but was convinced to give it a go after her sister waxed lyrical about how much it improved her body odor. 

‘I’m coming on here to put you on to the chlorophyll water wave,’ Suede, from Nevada, said in a TikTok video. 

‘I’ve been drinking this for the past four days and I don’t smell. I’ve been sweating since it’s so hot outside, and my sweat literally smells like sugar plum, gum drop, sugar cake. It’s so yummy. 

‘I didn’t really believe in the whole chlorophyll thing when I was younger, I was like, this doesn’t work, and then my sister was like, “Suede, drink it for four to five days then smell your sweat, and then call me back.” 

‘And that’s exactly what I did. So all your girls out there that don’t want to smell, drink chlorophyll.’ 

Suede added that – in addition to her improved body odor – she also feels as though her ‘insides have been cleansed’ by the green water. 

‘It feels so good!’ she continued. ‘So go get yourself some chlorophyll.’ 

Dozens of other TikTok users admit they rushed to get their hands on chlorophyll drops after seeing videos about the supplement’s many benefits, with California-based influencer Jaci Marie Smith explaining that she wanted to test whether it really would improve her body odor and clear up her skin. 

‘We’re going to try the chlorophyll water today,’ she told her 433,000 followers. ‘This is supposed to make it so your sweat doesn’t smell bad [and it’s] also good for your skin, and it has like a ton of health benefits.’ 

She filmed herself mixing the liquid chlorophyll into her water, before trying in on camera – admitting that she was pleasantly surprised by the taste. 

‘I’m going to give you guys the real tea and tell you how it tastes,’ she said, before revealing: ‘Oh, it kind of tastes like peppermint water. Not bad at all.’  

However not everyone was immediately convinced by the trend, with holistic healer Kayla Jean admitting that she was horrified by the taste. 

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Convinced! Designer Suede Brooks admitted she was reluctant to try chlorophyll water – but was stunned when she finally gave it a go, insisting it made her sweat ‘smell like sugar plums’

Oh dear: Not everyone was immediately convinced by the trend, with holistic healer Kayla Jean expressing horror over the ‘dirt water’ taste of the chlorophyll water

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‘I really wanted to try the chlorophyll water because supposedly it’s really good for you, and… it tastes like dirt water,’ she said. ‘I don’t know what you all have been tasting. It doesn’t taste like water, it tastes like dirt water. 

‘But I don’t want to smell and I want to be healthy so I’m going to drink it.’ 

In a follow-up clip, she revealed that she had found a way to improve the taste by adding ‘a whole orange and half a lime’ to the mixture – although after three days she claimed she had ‘noticed no differences’ to her wellbeing. 

However, she seems to be among the minority when it comes to her opinions on the efficacy of chlorophyll – which has been flying off the shelves in the wake of its ascent into the TikTok hall of fame. 

Going, going, gone: Wellness brand Sakara Life says its $39 chlorophyll drops have sold ‘like hotcakes’ in the past few weeks as a result of the TikTok trend

The founders of wellness brand Sakara Life revealed that their $39 liquid chlorophyll drops have been ‘selling like hotcakes’ in recent weeks, prompting the product to sell out and leaving them forced to implement a waitlist for eager buyers hoping to get their hands on the product.  

So does chlorophyll actually possess all of the benefits that its fans are claiming? 

According to Sakara Life founders Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle, there are ‘few things that detoxify the body more effectively’ than chlorophyll, with both women insisting that the antioxidant-rich plant pigment has been proven to ‘optimize liver function, reduce body-wide inflammation, and nourish the gut microbiome’.  

However Medical experts are split over the true efficacy of chlorophyll, with some studies finding evidence that it is ‘helpful’ for skin conditions, body odors, and even fighting certain kinds of cancer, according to Medical News Today.     

Others are not so convinced. In 2017, when Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow began promoting chlorophyll on her website, experts were quick to warn against falling for claims that the supplement is anything more than a ‘fad’. 

Joanna Instone, a spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association, told the Daily Mail at the time: ‘It is a fad that is not based on any scientific evidence whatsoever. 

‘Chlorophyll isn’t something we ever talk about as a nutrient. It is something you can do without. When it is in plant form that is fine, but on its own as an ingredient pipetted into food or drunk on its own it is not going to do anything for you.’ 

She added: ‘There is an awful lot of nutrition noise like this, which confuses the public. The best source of information is a registered dietitian, who can help sort between what is a fad and what is proven to help.’ 

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