Instagram flooded with ‘inappropriate’ coronavirus-themed filters

From love hearts to dog ears, Instagram filters are some of the most popular features on the app.

Now, amid the global COVID-19 outbreak, Instagram is being flooded with controversial coronavirus-themed filters.

The filters can be found with a simple search for ‘coronavirus’ on Instagram’s Effect Gallery, and come in a range of forms.

One filter, created by gianpiero_pernisco, fills your screen with coronavirus molecules, while another, by smirnov.mikita, simply places the word ‘Coronavirus’ in neon light on the user’s face.

Several others come with variations of face masks, despite the fact that there’s very little evidence they prevent the disease from spreading.

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The response to the filters has been very mixed, with many finding them hilarious.

On Twitter , one user wrote: “Someone make an Instagram selfie filter that determines if you’ll contract or die from the coronavirus.”

Another joked: “Coronavirus isn’t real until it kills a celebrity or gets an instagram filter.”

However, others are unimpressed with the filters.

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One user wrote: “Someone made a coronavirus filter for instagram y'all are so stupid.”

Another added: “Instagram has just released a new filter: ‘Coronavirus Analysis’ whether or not you’re infected… we’re talking about something that is currently killing people!! Completely inappropriate.”

Instagram recently banned plastic-surgery themed filters, in the hopes of improving user wellbeing.

It explained: "We want Spark AR effects to be a positive experience and are re-evaluating our existing policies as they relate to well-being."

Mirror Online has contacted Instagram for comment.

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