Incredible Video Shows British Diplomat Save Chinese Student as Bystanders Watch Her Drown

The crowd looks and points and films and yells — but no one does anything to help her.

A newly-appointed British Consul General in China made an excellent impression at his new job when he saved the life of a drowning student.

Incredible video shot in Chongqing on Saturday captured the moment a woman fell into a river and into certain death — had a certain triathlete champ not been passing by at that very moment.

The amazing clip shows the woman slowly making her way down to the river’s edge, too close in fact, as she looses her footing on the slippery rocks and tumbles in.

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Her friend screams in fright, attracting the attention of several onlookers — but not the actions.

The woman — who does not appear to be able to swim — floats away from her friend as the fast moving water carries her underneath a bridge.

The crowd continues to grow, and look and point and film and yell, but no-one does anything to save her… until Stephen Ellison enters the picture.

The quick-thinking 61-year-old can be seen kicking off his shoes and diving in fully-clothed to swim towards the stricken woman, who appears at this point resigned to her fate.

At last, someone else on the bank kicks into action, throwing a life ring to Ellison, who manages to flip the woman onto her back before swimming her back to the edge and administering first aid.

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According to local media reports, the woman fully recovered, while nearby businesses brought Ellison blankets, hot coffee and heaps of praise.

According to the British Consulate-General in Chongqing, Ellis has lived and worked in China for the past nine years, six of them spent with the Department for International Trade at the British Embassy in Beijing.

He was just recently appointed Consul General of the region…. and luckily for one student in particular, was the champion of his age group at last year’s Beijing International Triathlon.

“Very proud of Stephen Ellison, our new Consul General in Chongqing, China, for saving a student from drowning at the weekend,” his boss back in the UK, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab tweeted.

“His bravery and commitment demonstrates the very best of British diplomats around the world.”

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