Foodie shares recipe for slow cooker omelette with 200 calories per portion

A crockpot enthusiast has shared her genius recipe for cooking omelette’s with guaranteed success.

The foodie posted to the popular Facebook group: “ Crockpot/ Slow Cooker Recipes & Tips ”.

The 433,795 member strong group share their best recipes and tricks for making delicious food, and some other things, in their slow cookers.

The woman captioned her post: “Tonight, I tried slow cooker omelette – and the results were good!

“Nutritious, cheap, easy, no fat, no carbs, gluten free and vegetarian meal.

“Very little to clean up afterwards, perfect for when I want to get on with the rest of my household pottering.”

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She added: “Result: the edges are slightly overcooked, but better that than undercooked.

“I’ll cook it for just two hours next time, but it’s not bad at all.”

She then shared the tasty looking snaps of her omelette in the slow cooker and served alongside baked beans.

Members of the Facebook group were quick to praise the dish.

One person wrote: “I cannot wait to try this!

“Cannot cook an omelette to save my life and I’m bored of scrambled eggs.”

Another wrote: “Looks amazing!”

A third added: “Looks like a yummy start to the day!”

While some argued that the meal was more a frittata than an omelette another asked about the texture.

She wrote: “I love omelettes, but I’m rubbish at cooking them the ‘proper’ way – does this taste the same or is it more solid texture wise?”

The original poster replied: “It’s more fluffy and lighter in texture while still being quite solid.

“It’s similar to a traditional omelette – but, I did use four eggs which makes it a denser mixture, kind of like a crust-less quiche.”

Another person pointed out that it did actually contain fat and carbs, especially with the added beans, but the poster pointed out that she meant that it was on plan for her Slimming world diet.

If you want to try out her recipe, follow the method below:

Slow Cooker Omelette


  • Four eggs
  • Handful frozen sliced mushrooms
  • Handful frozen sliced onions
  • Handful frozen sliced peas
  • Handful frozen sliced peppers
  • Handful frozen bulbs of spinach
  • Two whole sliced tomatoes


  1. Defrost the vegetables in jug and add four eggs and preferred seasoning (we recommend salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, cayenne pepper, cumin and coriander).
  2. Line the slow cooker cooker with grease-proof paper and throw in the egg mixture.
  3. Put a paper towel under the lid to absorb excess moisture – this will need to be changed a few times throughout cooking. You can do this with a tea towel too.
  4. Cook on high for two hours.


You should have a lovely omelette which you can serve with your choice of accompaniment.

We’d recommend seasoning your omelette wth salt, pepper and paprika or Sriracha chilli sauce and serving alongside a mixed green salad.

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In all, the calories should clock in at under 400 for the omelette if you use medium eggs ( 66 calories each – four would be 264 calories), plus low-calorie density veg as in the recipe.

Split between two that's a svelte 200 calories each.


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