English teacher splits internet after refusing to assign homework to students

An English teacher has stirred a debate online after saying homework doesn't make students better in her class.

High school teacher Courtney White, from Texas, US, refuses to give out home assignments to students as she believes there is "no proof" that students learn better from it.

She took to TikTok to explain her reasons after some fellow teachers called her out for "not doing her job properly".

She explains: "I am getting a lot of comments and a lot of people coming at me, a lot of teachers saying I am not doing my job because I am not assigning homework.

"But there is no proof that homework is going to make them better students in my class.

"I respect their time outside of class. They work hard for me all day. They don’t need to go home and do more homework because if they do it at home, it does not show me mastery."

The 27-year-old teacher adds that the extra exercise won't be effective if the students are cheating or doing it wrong and that it will only take up their free time at home.

"Some of them are going home and taking care of their younger sibling because their parents are at work, some of them just need to go home and sleep and some of them have to go home and worry about what they’re going to eat because there’s no food at their house," Courtney says.

"So, if I also give them hours of homework, when do they have time to be kids and relax…so I am a good teacher and I am doing my job."

Courtney captioned the clip: "Students do enough work at school, they don’t need more at home!"

Her approach won praises from students as they agreed to her teaching philosophy.

One wrote: "Thank you!! We are already at school for 7 hours then we go home and have to do more work."

Another said: "The world needs more teachers like you!"

But some believed homework can "ensure" students are learning.

A viewer asked: "Isn’t homework practice to make sure they’re actually learning?"

"Homework is to ensure the kids are learning," a second commented. "And it's also for memory. At least you should assign it and make it not mandatory."

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