Elon Musk ‘dying’ to build supersonic jet but worried his ‘brain may explode’

As if conquering Mars wasn't enough, Elon Musk says he's 'dying' to build an electric supersonic jet—but he's too busy.

"I'm so dying to do a supersonic, electric VTOL jet, but adding more work will make my brain explode," the SpaceX and Tesla CEO tweeted earlier today.

The billionaire repeated previous comments made earlier this year, when in July he said "I already have way too much on my plate".

The post came after he instructed people to apply for AI jobs at Tesla, saying "Please cite evidence of exceptional ability in a few bullet points. Nothing else matters."

Musk is well-known for being a workaholic. He claims to work upwards of 120 hours per week and divide his daily routine up into 5-minute blocks.

It's no wonder he might not have time in the week to work on a supersonic flying machine.

'VTOL' stands for Vertical Take-Off and Landing. Electric VTOLs are receiving lots of interest currently due to their applications as flying cars and taxis.

There is only a few supersonic VTOL aircraft in existence currently, as it requires an enormous amount of jet fuel to push an aircraft past the speed of sound.

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3D printing technology has recently made it possible for companies to produce 'hypersonic' jets, which could fly from London to Australia in under four hours at 3,800 miles per hour.

This is because scientists can now print a chemical that cools down the fuel in high-speed planes, making them safe to fly.

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