Dr Eric Berg warns of vitamin B6 deficiency signs ‘very few people know about’

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin involved in many bodily functions, including promoting brain health and improving mood.

Unfortunately, your body cannot produce enough vitamin B6, so you must get this nutrient from foods or supplements.

As vitamin B6 deficiency can lead to a whole host of health problems, symptoms awareness is front and centre.

You may have heard of signs like rashes around your nose, cracks or rashes around your mouth, anaemia, or numbness in your hands and your feet.

While these are all considered tell-tale signs of B6 deficiency, Dr Eric Berg highlighted lesser-known symptoms to spot.

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Speaking on his YouTube channel, the doctor said: “Here are the symptoms very few people know about that are related to B6 deficiency.”

1. Inflammation

The doctor explained that inflammation, especially of the gut, can be one of the warning signs.

2. Inability to control polyunsaturated fatty acids

Dr Berg shared the water-soluble vitamin helps control polyunsaturated fatty, including corn oil, soy oil, canola or cottonseed oil.

He added that if you can’t metabolise these, it could lead to rashes.


3. Deficiency of neurotransmitters

Vitamin B6 is involved in making neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. 

The doctor said: “So [deficiency] can affect your mood, it can affect having addictions, it can affect your general state of nerve communication.”

4. Inability to convert ALA to DHA

The doctor explained that without B6, you might not be able to convert alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), found in the likes of walnuts, to docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which could lead to more inflammation.

5. Selenium function doesn’t work

Vitamin B6 is necessary to make selenium work, which is involved in lots of bodily processes. Therefore, B6 deficiency could lead to all sorts of other deficiencies related to a lack of selenium, Dr Berg explained.

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6. Can’t convert tryptophan to niacin

If your body can’t convert tryptophan to niacin, this could be another sign that you’re deficient in B6.

7. Hair loss

Another red flag that can be raised as a result of vitamin B6 deficiency is hair loss, according to the expert.

8. Higher risk of seizures

The doctor also noted that a lack of B6 could be linked to seizures. “If you know anyone who has seizures, you should make sure they are consuming enough B6,” he said.

9. High homocysteine levels

B6 also lowers homocysteine levels and high levels can affect your heart in a “negative way”, Dr Berg explained.

10. Increased risk of autism

The doctor said: “Let’s say someone is deficient in B6 and they also have a problem with their gut microbiome, they are greatly more susceptible to having autism than if they just had a B6 deficiency and they had good microbes.”

The doctor explained that a portion of B6 doesn’t come from what you eat but from your microbiome.

“If you know anyone with autism, make sure they are taking the active form of B6 – P-5-P – as well as taking a good probiotic,” he added.

11. Increased risk of gut pathogens

The last lesser-known sign could be problems with gut pathogens, as vitamin B6 helps regulate or suppress these pesky organisms.

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