Double-jabbed are just 1.2% of Britons Covid deaths – UK’s huge vaccine success

Coronavirus in numbers: UK cases rise by 29,547

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In the seven months from January 2, 2021, to July 2 of this year, the ONS reported 51,281 deaths involving Covid within the UK; 38,964 of which were of unvaccinated people. Such stark statistics show the success of the Covid vaccination programme, as people who were fully vaccinated only accounted for 1.2 percent of all deaths involving the notorious disease during that time frame. In those who were vaccinated, 458 people lost their lives at least 21 days after their second Covid vaccine.

While 256 deaths – in those fully jabbed – had their first positive PCR test at least 14 days after their second dose.

No vaccine is 100 percent effective against Covid, so the health authorities have made it clear that some loss of life is to be expected against such a nasty disease.

Public Health England (PHE) estimated that being fully vaccinated reduces your risk of hospitalisation from the Delta variant by 94 percent.

The latest ONS figures underline that the risk of death from Covid is significantly lower for those who have been doubled jabbed.

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Delving into the details, over three-quarters of 252 Covid deaths – in those who had been double jabbed – occurred in those who were clinically extremely vulnerable.

Dr Duncan Robertson – a data analyst at Loughborough University who has been focusing on Covid-19 modelling and analysis – commented on the findings.

“What is clear from the ONS data is the significance of being fully vaccinated.

“Full vaccination offers very high – but not perfect – protection against death, where only having a first dose offers significantly less protection.”

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