DOIs Christopher Dean opens up on health scare that left him fearing hed die

Dancing On Ice star Christopher Dean has opened up about a huge health scare he had and how he worried for his life.

The skating pro suffered a huge health scare back in 2014 after being taunted by agonising stomach pains.

Christopher later found out that he had a 2cm growth, known as a polyp, situated on his colon.

The Olympic skater told The Mirror in 2017 he had never heard about polyps before and the growths on the inside lining of the colon needed a biopsy to ­find out if it was cancerous.

At the time he told the publication: "I found myself preparing for the fact I might have a life-changing illness.

"For two weeks, I thought I might need a serious operation that would have involved taking away a good chunk of my stomach.

"It was the longest two weeks of my life not knowing if I was going to live or die – it was a scary prospect being faced with my own mortality."

Luckily, the biopsy results showed that the polyp was benign which meant it did not need to be removed.

The 63-year-old said that the results were a "relief" and it made him put his life into a different perspective.

Christopher continued: "I have been told that I need to have a check-up every five years. But the body is an amazing tool and it strives to repair itself as much as it can.

"I am surprised I am still skating after all my injuries – and at my age as well."

He concluded: "I like to think I am still physically fit because of skating – it’s dominated my life since I was nine or 10 years old."

The pro skater won gold and bronze Winter Olympic medals for Team GB alongside Jayne Torvill and now stars alongside her on the current series of Dancing On Ice.

This comes after star DOI star Ben Foden's wife lashed out at the show after her husband became the first celebrity to be axed from the programme.

Posting on her story on the social media site, the New Yorker didn't hold back her feelings on Dancing On Ice – or the UK as she admitted she couldn't wait to get back to the US.

She wrote: "What's the point of saying it's a skate competition when it's really just a popularity competition?

"Why divide the skaters into two weeks, groups of your choosing, and why not judge all their scores together after the two weeks?"

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