Dad shares picture of stairs after son went to the toilet and bum-shuffled down

A dad has shared the hilarious but gross trail his toddler son left behind when he bum-shuffled naked down the stairs.

The boy had 'secretly pooped' somewhere upstairs before following his parents' advice of using the safest method to get down the stairs.

A photo taken from the top of the stairs shows brown stains marking the light beige carpet, arching round from the landing before heading down the left side of the staircase.

Uploading it to Facebook , his dad captioned the image 'Have a kid they said' with a sighing and face palm emoji.

"When running his bath and he decides to take a sneaky dump somewhere then hide downstairs but you also taught him to go down the stairs on his bum. FML."

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The post has since racked up more than 11,000 shares and 11,000 comments, as others who recognised the struggle all too well welcomed him to parenthood.

A fellow dad was relieved to learn that he wasn't alone, tagging his partner and commenting: "Told you it's not just our child with poo anywhere habits."

One person simply replied: "Would just burn the house down."

A second said: "I think after crying I would laugh so hard."

Another promised to learn from the dad's unfortunate lesson, writing: "*vows to keep child gate at top of stairs INDEFINITELY*"

A fourth said: "This is why I’m glad my carpets black" – but to be honest we're not entirely sure if that makes it better or worse.

He's not the first parent to go viral for a poo-related post recently, as two other parents racked up more than one million views on their video for a very different reason.

Mum Rubee Adams captured the moment her son Bobby was pranked by his dad, who wiped Nutella on his arm and nose, pretending it was poo.

A very unimpressed Frankie, 3, tries to get it off by wiping himself of the grey sofa, and begins to gag before his mum decides it's time to put an end to the practical joke. You can watch it here .

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