Conor McGregor's team-mate doubts even $50m would convince UFC star to entertain a fight with 'troll' YouTuber Jake Paul

CONOR McGREGOR'S team-mate doubts even $50million would convince him to entertain a fight with 'troll' YouTuber Jake Paul.

Paul, 2-0 in his professional career which started in 2020, has continued to pursue a boxing match with McGregor and claimed to have a cheque ready to go.

The internet sensation, who has 20MILLION subscribers, even went after the Irishman's fiancee Dee Devlin.

Paul's viral goading took a turn in January after McGregor was knocked out by Dustin Poirier, and taunted that his offer now stood at just $10,000.

But Frans Mlambo, a long-time training partner of McGregor's, reckons the original $50m still would not persuade the aspiring billionaire into the fight.

The Bellator featherweight predicts the former two-weight UFC champion would not have the patience to deal with the antics Paul brings with him.

Mlambo told SunSport: "He's just such a troll, he gets to you.

"It's fun for people, all the madness, he's good at doing that stuff so fair play to him but at the same time it does not make sense for him to fight Conor.

"When I was watching all that I never usually get into it but it actually annoyed me so much that I wanted to ring Conor and say, 'Conor, let me fight this guy'.

"For $50m I'd fight anybody, it would literally never not make sense, I'd fight Goliath. But Conor's in a total different position.


"That $50m might not be worth the effort, the rigamarole of going through the WWE-entertainment style leading up to the fight.

"I feel like if he went into the Jake Paul thing he might be looking at it as more of a show more than anything else.

"It might not even be worth the money to him, just my view knowing what I know about Conor."

McGregor, 32, has already set his sights on a trilogy bout with Poirier, also 32, the man he first KO'd in 2014.

He too shelved a mega-money return to the ring to face Manny Pacquiao, 42, four years after losing his boxing debut against Floyd Mayweather, 43.

But lacing up the gloves for Paul, 24, has never been in McGregor's sights, barley even acknowledging him.

The American vlogger has two knockouts to his name, against online rival 'AnEsonGib' and ex-NBA star Nate Robinson.

Paul is now set to face retired UFC welterweight Ben Askren, 36, in his third pro bout, scheduled for April 17.

Askren has enjoyed some back-and-forth with his rival as he prepares to come to fight in the boxing ring for the first time.

But Mlambo admitted McGregor would have no self-restraint with Paul.

And he warned for the 'everybody's safety' the pair – who have vastly contrasting fighting experience – should be kept far apart from each other.

Mlambo explained: "Conor would try and make an example out of him. Conor is rich and all but he's still one of the boys and he doesn't take s***.

"He's obviously grown now, he's a father and a family man but maybe he's staying out of the whole thing for everybody's safety.

"He'd lose control if he went into those situations.

"If the fight actually happened and Jake Paul was talking all this garage leading up to it, it would be very dangerous Conor in that ring.

"It would make a load of other people a load of money and that's why people will be pushing for it, but it is something that should not happen."

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