Cancer New Moon: Whats in store for the New Moon on Saturday?

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The Moon is Cancer’s ruling ‘planet’, so Cancerians feel the changes throughout the lunar cycle more strongly. This also means that when the Moon is in Cancer, it’s at home and all of your emotions are going to be much deeper. chatted to Kirsty Gallagher, Moon Mentor and author of Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon Cycles to find out what’s in store for the New Moon on Saturday.

Cancer is represented by the crab and a Cancer Moon calls us all to come out of our crusty shells and let everyone see our soft insides.

This Moon is all about being vulnerable and listening to your needs and wants.

Kirsty said: “The last Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse wanted to align you with your north node, your purpose, life mission, growth, expansion, awakening, and your greatest most soulful hopes and dreams.

“Then along came the Capricorn Full Moon, helping you to make a plan to get to your purpose.

“Now, here comes the Moon in her own ruling sign of Cancer to bring you home to yourself.”

This New Moon is going to be a homecoming for us all, no matter our signs.

Kirsty explains: “This New Moon will be the beginning of a new cycle where you begin to know and trust yourself on a much deeper level.

“A time of deep self-awareness and moving into a higher heart wisdom and a more intuitive and soulful way of living.”

This New Moon wants to bring you back to your heart, your home and your soul, according to Kirsty.

She said: “The Moon in her home sign of Cancer pulls our awareness inwards into our private inner world.

“It’s where you find your deepest hopes and dreams, the parts of yourself that you keep hidden away and your inner yearnings that you are aware of, that others aren’t.

“This New Moon wants you to create a safe space within, for you to know your inner world and trust yourself, trust your intuition, trust what you are being shown.

“Look at what you know and what is stirring within you calling for attention.”

The Moon wants you to start planning a new phase or chapter in your life and it will take you through the emotions.

Kirsty said: “As is often the way, and especially with the Moon in Cancer, this Moon may talk to you through the depths of your emotions as she stirs your inner being.

“The Moon wants to bring to the surface what is ready to come through.”

The Cancer New Moon is not judgemental, but you won’t be able to hide your emotions or feelings anymore.

Cancer is the sign of intuition, self-care, and not holding back your emotions.

Kirsty said: “This Moon wants you to get to know your inner world of emotions and embrace them.

Just as the moon embraces her ebb and flow, and this is where much of her power comes from.

“The Moon wants you to tap into the power of your emotional world.

“Our emotions are messengers, signposts, they hold such powerful insight and information for us and are something to be honoured and accepted rather than suppressed and denied.

“Under this New Moon, listen deeply to your inner world, bow down to your emotions and honour them, kneel at the altar of your heart, and come home.”

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