Cameron Boyce's mom's emotional letter on his birthday renews fight against epilepsy

Friday, May 28, would been Cameron’s 22nd birthday.

I remember the day I delivered him and the joy his dad and I felt! I remember being amazed at how he memorized books by the time he was 2. I remember when he was 3 and had a cold, and how much I enjoyed him laying on me like a limp noodle needing mommy love. I remember when he started preschool and how his dad picked the biggest kid in the yard and told him to watch over Cam.

PHOTO: Actor Cameron Boyce attends a charity event with his mother Libby Boyce and father Victor Boyce, in Los Angeles, Nov. 18, 2017.

I remember the first time I saw him dance and every year after that, watching this incredible human with an incredible heart, find his voice, his creative passion and his love of life.

To say I miss him does not come close to expressing an emotion that doesn’t exist in the English language. He has impacted my life in so many positive ways and for that I am so grateful.

PHOTO: Cameron Boyce is photographed at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, Calif., July 13, 2017.

Now I want to give back to Cameron by continuing his selfless spirit and making significant strides towards curing epilepsy, and supporting activities and philanthropic efforts that were dear to his heart.

Because Cameron’s birthday is so hard, it is very important for The Cameron Boyce Foundation to make it an annual event to take big steps towards our mission. This concept also aligns with how Cameron lived his life — as a giver! On his birthday, he preferred to do something charitable. He always prioritized others, especially those who were underdogs, living with significant challenges or who were less fortunate.

PHOTO: Libby Boyce, the mother of actor Cameron Boyce, appear in an undated handout photo.

PHOTO: Libby and Victor Boyce appear in an undated handout photo.

For Cameron’s birthday campaign this year, we are partnering with Sofia Carson. Sofia, her sister Paulina and Cameron were extremely close and bonded — they were very much like siblings. Sofia has designed a limited-edition jean jacket as well as some T-shirts in Cam’s honor.

The back of the jacket has an embroidered tree, which was drawn by Cameron. He used to love to hike up to the Wisdom Tree, which is a well-known tree in Los Angeles, with a fitting name. He would sit there for hours on the edge of the world under that tree. He told me once that the tree roots represent his foundation — his friends and family, and the parts of the tree above ground were only what could be seen by the human eye.

I am certain that Sofia is drawn to the tree just as Cameron was. She and Cameron have similar connections to the meaning of the roots and their roots include both of our families. Sofia selected a jean jacket because Cameron loved jean jackets! He had several and one in particular was his favorite. It had colorful pins and patches, and many shout-outs to his Lakers! That jacket represented the textured and layered person that he was — bright, diverse and comfortable.

PHOTO: Sofia Carson and Cameron Boyce appear in an undated photo.

When TCBF asked Sofia about what this project meant to her, she shared:

“Cam changed my world. Forever. In his honor, we must follow the footsteps he so bravely left behind and we must believe that together, ‘we can change the world.’ Cam’s selfless heart lives in the extraordinary work of The Cameron Boyce Foundation. To come together with TCBF and his beautiful family, who has become my own, to bring to life this heart-filled collaboration is one of my greatest honors. I am so grateful to share it with the world.

My heart is yours forever, Cam.

– Sofia”

TCBF is making strides in shining a brighter light on epilepsy by funding Epilepsy research, increasing epilepsy awareness and finding ways to fight back and cure this neurological disease. Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) is far more common than is reported, and time is of the essence to stop any other parent from having to live through the pain that we have had to endure.

Sofia will kick off the start of Cam’s birthday campaign on her official Instagram page on Friday, May 28, modeling her designs and including information on how you can get them. You can also visit The Cameron Boyce Foundation’s website to learn more. Every bit helps!

Peace and love,

Libby Boyce

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