BTS’ Suga Reveals the Reason Why He Rarely Gets Into Arguments

There’s a reason why Suga is BTS’ unofficial “grandpa.” Even with BTS’ hectic and demanding schedule, Suga is known for his calm and relaxed personality. How does he keep a level head? Here’s what this rapper said about the fact that he rarely gets into arguments.

Suga (real name Min Yoongi) is one of BTS rappers

Even though these performers have different personalities, the seven BTS mesh well when it comes to music. One of the most levelheaded members is the rapper and dancer Min Yoongi, also known by his stage name Suga. 

The idol appears on group tracks like “Permission to Dance,” “Black Swan,” and “Life Goes On,” as well as sub-unit songs like “Cypher Pt.3: Killer.”

Suga appears as a producer for several artists, even collaborating with Jungkook for HYBE Corporation’s webtoon titled 7Fates: Chakho. Outside of his work with the boy band, Suga releases solo music under the name Agust D. 

BTS Suga shared his secret to rarely getting into arguments 

Suga also earned several nicknames from ARMYs, some even naming the rapper the “grandpa” of the K-pop group because of his calm personality. Because of his sleepy tendencies, others awarded the idol his “Lil Meow Meow” nickname. 

During an interview with GQ Magazine, Suga was asked how he stayed balanced and relaxed. The rapper said his secret was to look at difficult situations from a third person’s perspective. 

“It’s possible if you take a step back and observe the situation from a bit of distance,” Suga said. “People are bound to become emotional and go to extremes at times, but you can gain a sense of clarity if you just hold on and take a step back.” 

“When things get heated, I stop everything so that I can think,” he continued. “This is probably why I don’t get into arguments.”

The BTS members often work through arguments and disagreements

Suga’s passion for music shines during interviews and performances, although this rapper is known for his levelheadedness. When asked during their Carpool Karaoke segment which members are most likely to get in an argument, Suga quickly responded with Jimin and V. 

As two members around the same age, Jimin and V even attended school together, briefly mentioning that and their infamous dumpling incident during their Map of the Soul: 7 track “Friends.”

Of course, with over seven years since they debuted as a K-pop group, all seven BTS members became close friends. They often share birthday wishes on the shared BTS Twitter account, now exchanging playful comments on one another’s Instagram posts. 

Jungkook and Jin were even featured in Suga’s “Daechwita” music video, which the rapper released in conjunction with his solo music. Music by BTS and Agust D is available on most major streaming platforms.

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